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Toward an Agile W3C Process

Steve Zilles, <>

Charles McCathie-Neville, <>

November 2013, Shenzhen, China

W3C 2013 TPAC Meeting

Original Process Goal:
Support Waterfall Development

Waterfall Development Process

Added Process Goal:
Enable Agile Development

Agile Development Process

What does "Agile" mean?

Why are we proposing Process Changes?

The Prioritzed Items that led to Process Changes

12 items were identified; 6 of these, retaining the numbers from the original 12, drove the Proposed changes

1. "Integrating implementations into the Process."

2. "Process document does not match modern development methodologies & tools."

4. "Desire for stable reference."

7. "Last Call (LC) may not be as useful as intended."

8. "Going to Last Call (LC) is misleading for Candidate Recommendation (CR) changes."

9. "Lack of test cases is a major contributor to schedule delay."

Using Agile Development on the Process Document

What are the Process Changes 1?

What are the Process Changes 2?

Current Identified Issues

What is Next?