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Gathering public comment for FPWD

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Please indicate here the different group, forum, SDOs, people you would like the Web Crypto API to be reviewed

  • IETF JOSE WG (done)
  • IETF Web Security (Web Sec) Group (done)
  • IETF SAAG (Security Area) (done)
  • Ron Rivest (done)
  • NIST (John Kelsey) (done)
  • CFRQ (to be done)
  • Oxford University security department (done)
  • SIMAlliance (gathering security element manufacturers) (to be done)
  • 3GPP SA3 - currently working on GBA javascript API (to be done)
  • http://list.openpgpjs.org/ (to be done)
  • http://safewith.me/ (to be done)
  • W3C members rolling out webapp : Twitter (done) , PayPal (to be done), Samsung (done), MStars (done), Nokia (done)
  • Non W3C members rolling out also webapp : FinancialTime (done)
  • Other W3C WGs : WebAppSec WG (done)
  • media : ZDNet
  • blog : virginie.talk(), H-on line , Monocle Globe Society
  • conferences : Paris Web french web dev conf, AppSecUSA, Chip To Cloud - Security Forum