Touch Events PAG (TE PAG)

The TE-PAG was resolved on 31 July 2012 by a TE-PAG Report

See the Announcement to the AC (Member confidential)


The Touch Events Patent Advisory Group is chartered to study issues and propose solutions related to a patent disclosure from Apple, Inc., concerning the Touch Events version 1 Working Draft. The PAG is governed by its charter.

The specification in question is Touch Events, produced by the Web Events Working Group.

Patent disclosures relevant to the specification may be found on the Working Group's patent disclosure page in conformance with W3C policy.

The PAG is preparing a final PAG Report (currently Member-only).

The archived mailing list for communications by this PAG is member-te-pag@w3.org

If you have any questions, please contact the PAG Chair, Rigo Wenning, rigo@w3.org

For general information about PAGs, see section 7 of the W3C Patent Policy

The W3C Staff Contacts for the Touch Events PAG is Doug Schepers

Members of the PAG will find more information on the Group Page.