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services and LDP

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Roger Menday
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"In practice, I think there are two general categories of use cases. 1. generic/vanilla server that simply stores triples and regurgitates them without doing anything special with them. 2. application specific server - this is a bug tracking system for instance - which translates the triples into an actual application specific object."

It does seem that most people are looking at category 1 type applications.

It seems that some of us are interested in category 2. We would like to have an issue so that we can monitor the parts needed for category 2, track what we won't cover in LDP, etc.

Then how do we cover the missing parts ? Some options ::

* wait and see what others in the community (or this community do with it)
* encourage an existing group (i.e. Networked Data) to take this on
* put some documentation on the wiki
* have another top-level specification inside LDP
* combination of above
* ?

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Arnaud Le Hors, 8 Feb 2013, 21:08:45

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