ISSUE-44: 4.1.9. is obscure or too restrictive

4.1.9. is obscure or too restrictive

Linked Data Platform Spec
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Henry Story
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4.1.9 LDPRs must use at least one RDF triple to represent a link (relationship) to another resource. In other words, having the source resource’s URI as the subject and the target resource’s URI as the object of the triple representing the link (relationship) is enough and does not require the creation of an intermediate link resource to describe the relationship.

This seems to be saying something that is self evident or something that is too restrictive:
a) one must use at least one triple to relate 2 resources ( there is no other way to do this in RDF ! )
b) one should not use use more than one triple if possible, which would be a pragmatic self evidence, and should then go into a best-practices guide
c) It is also not clear why the resources have to be different - why does the same not apply when relating a resource to itself.

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Resolution: Close ISSUE-44 by removing section 4.1.9 from the spec.

Arnaud Le Hors, 16 Mar 2013, 03:54:00

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