W3C Workshop: Do Not Track and Beyond 26-27 November 2012


Panelists and presentations below will be updated based on individual confirmations.

Join us on IRC (irc.w3.org, #privacy channel) for taking minutes and backchannel conversation.

Monday, November 26th


2pm - 3:30pm


4pm - 5:30pm

What impacts can Do Not Track and privacy standards have on the Web?

Tuesday, November 27th

User Studies and User Concerns

9:30am - 11:00am

Panel of presentations based on empirical studies, with time for questions and discussion: What can user studies tell us about privacy concerns and user behaviors?

Privacy Technology

Two sub-sessions: 11am - 12:30pm; 1:30pm - 3:00pm.

Presentations and discussions of tools, technologies and standards for online privacy. Can we build effective "self-help" tools for user control? Are there promising directions for standardization of mechanisms for transparency?

Tools for User Control

Mechanisms for Transparency

Future Directions

3:30pm - 5pm

How should we chart our future work for privacy, standards and the Web? Including additional time for open discussions.