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Web Performance Workshop

8 November 2012

Hosted by


Adobe Microsoft Google


Web Performance Working Group

"The mission of the Web Performance Working Group is to provide methods to enhance aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs."
Arvind Jain, Google
Jason Weber, Microsoft

Web Performance

We do things like:

… and we implement them!

Our documents

Last Update Title Status Comments
2012-07-26 Navigation Timing Proposed Recommendation
Review ended: 2012-08-28
Waiting on WebIDL
2012-10-23 High Resolution Time Proposed Recommendation
Review ends: 2012-11-20
We're done!
2012-07-26 User Timing Candidate Recommendation Waiting on tests and impls
2012-07-26 Performance Timeline Candidate Recommendation Waiting on tests and impls
2012-07-26 Page Visibility Candidate Recommendation Waiting on tests
2012-05-22 Resource Timing Candidate Recommendation Waiting on tests and impls
2012-02-21 Timing control for script-based animations Last Call
Review ended: 2012-03-20
startAnimation? and tests
N/A Navigation Timing 2 Editors' draft In progress

What's next?

We have some ideas:

  1. Memory Measurements
  2. Network Measurements
  3. Garbage Collector API
  4. Framerate Measurements
  5. HTTP Archive (HAR) format
  6. Network Streaming Measurements

(ranked using a survey)

And let's see what the workshop comes up with…

Agenda (morning)

9:00 Logistics and Introduction (Philippe Le H├ęgaret, Jatinder Mann)
9:15 Comparing In-Browser Methods of Measuring Resource Load Times Performance Metrics Eric Gavaletz (UNC)
9:45 HTTP Extension to provide Timing Data for Performance Measurements Performance Metrics Mike McCall (Akamai)
10:15 Extending HTTP and HTML to enable Automatic Collection of Performance Data Performance Metrics Philippe Le Hégaret (W3C, for Radware)
10:45 Break
11:00 Discussion: Expanding and Improving on Performance Timing Interfaces (Jatinder Mann)
11:30 HTTP Client Hints for Content Adaption without increased Client Latency Page Load Performance Grigorik Ilya (Google)

We need a few volunteers to scribe each session…

Agenda (afternoon)

13:00 Browser Enhancements to Help Improve Page Load Performance using Delta Delivery Page Load Performance Robert Hundt (Google)
13:30 Improving Performance Diagnostics Capabilities in Browsers Error Logging Alois Reitbauer (Compuware)
14:00 Improving Web Performance on Mobile Web Browsers Mobile Performance Ben Greenstein (Google)
14:30 Improving Mobile Power Consumption with HTML5 Connectivity Methods Mobile Performance Giridhar Mandyam (Qualcomm)
15:00 Break
15:15 Memory Management and JavaScript Garbage Collection Memory Management Paul Bakaus (Zynga)
15:45 Preserving Frame Rate on Television Web Browsing Responsiveness Yosuke Funahashi (Tomo-Digi)
16:15 User experience management by adapting to network condition Responsiveness Chihiro Ono (KDDI)
16:30 Open Discussion (Jatinder Mann)
17:20-17:30 Closing Remarks (Jason Weber, Arvind Jain)

We'll need a few volunteers to scribe each session…

To keep in mind…

The W3C Working Group will decide what they'd like to work on (hopefully tomorrow). Some criteria:

Speakers: some reminders

You have 30 minutes, including:

Have a good workshop

… Questions before we start?