W3C Workshop on Web Performance 8 November 2012, Mountain View, California, USA

Call For Participation

Important Dates in 2012
Date Event
28 September Call For Participation issued.
29 October Deadline for statement of interest.
2 November Deadline for registration.
8 November Workshop
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There is a an industry-wide momentum towards adopting HTML5 and its series of companion specifications to deploy applications based on the Open Web Platform. Some of those applications are facing however challenges with regards to performance. While Web browsers are improving their implementations on an ongoing basis, not all of those performance issues are due to the speed of the implementations.


The goal of the Web Performance Working Group is to provide methods to enhance aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs. The Group is currently looking for use cases and ideas for its third chartered period.

During the group's first charter it advanced Navigation Timing to Proposed Recommendation. The specification is stable and deployed.

During the second charter, the group published Resource Timing, Page Visibility, and the requestAnimationFrame function and a few others.

During the third chartered period, the group will continue efforts around testing and implementation of those specifications. There are several items currently being considered by the Working Group:

In addition, we look forward to your input on high-priority performance issues that we need to address to ensure the broad deployment of the Open Web Platform.

Workshop participants will:

  1. Share current experience with performance issues on the Web;
  2. Examine current technology, including W3C standards, to understand how well the Web does or does not with regards to performance;
  3. Identify roles for W3C and next steps for work at W3C to make the Open Web Platform performant;
  4. Help the Web Performance Working Group to prioritize their next work items.


Independently of the workshop participation, we encourage Web application authors at large to provide feedback through our survey.


W3C encourages implementers and Web application authors interested in improving the performance of the Open Web Platform to participate in the Workshop.

Requirements for Participation

Statement of Interest

Statements of interest will be the basis for the discussion at the Workshop. The statement of interest could list performance issues that you have experienced and would like to solve (it is not required to propose solutions in the statement, just listing the issue would suffice). It could be specific web application use cases you'd like browser implementations to support with good performance. If you have tests to illustrate an issue or use case, please share them as well.

Statements must be submitted no later than 29 October 2012. Late submission of statements may be accepted depending on space availability.

Statements of interest must be submitted via email to team-workshop-submissions@w3.org, an archived mailing list accessible to the W3C Team. Feel free to simply point us to a public document if you prefer. Don't hesitate to contact Philippe Le Hégaret (plh@w3.org) before October 29, if you think your statement got lost.

The Program Committee may ask the authors of particularly salient statements to explicitly present their position at the Workshop. Presenters will be asked to make the slides of any presentations available to the public in HTML, PDF, or plain text.

Workshop Organization

Workshop sessions and documents will be in English.

Arvind Jain, Google
Jason Weber, Microsoft
Team Contact:
Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C


The Workshop will be hosted by Google in their headquarter offices in Mountain View, California, USA.


A report will also be published online.