Position paper for W3C eBooks Workshop

Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>

I am the CEO of Disruptive Innovations, a W3C Member, and long-time personal member of several W3C Working Groups. I am co-chairing the CSS Working Group since april 2008.

My main work over the years has been related to Wysiwyg content editors for the Web. I am a former member of the technical team of Grif (that eventually led to Amaya, the W3C editor), the former maintainer of Mozilla Composer at Netscape, and the author of Nvu and BlueGriffon. Our EPUB2/EPUB3 editor, BlueGriffon EPUB Edition, is derived from BlueGriffon and is currently the only Wysiwyg cross-platform EPUB2/EPUB3 editor available on the Market. I also wrote an EPUB3 validator released as an add-on to Firefox. I recently became an Invited Expert to IDPF to help on EPUB3 revisions.

I would like to attend the eBooks Workshop in february to:

I would like to present two talks:

  1. EPUB3 from the specs
  2. The complexity of building a Wysiwyg EPUB editor

I'm also deeply interested in EPUB readers, validators and import/export tools.