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ACTION-115 (edit) pending review Make proposal on handling of srcdoc, blob, etc. (ISSUE-15) Adam Barth 2013-05-07 SRCDOC, BLOB, ETC
ACTION-155 (edit) pending review Update csp to reflect that workers use policy resource is delivered with Mike West 2013-11-26
ACTION-156 (edit) pending review CSP: Clarify plugin-src behavior: if able to determine resource, self or none Mike West 2014-11-01 CSP Level 2
ACTION-200 (edit) pending review Investigate git issue tooling with other w3c groups Brad Hill 2014-11-24
ACTION-204 (edit) pending review Reply to mark watson that 1/2 of his issue is a last call comment to mix Brad Hill 2014-11-24
ACTION-205 (edit) pending review Does link really violate csp guarantees? Brad Hill 2014-11-24
ACTION-206 (edit) pending review Reply on referrer suggest imperative policy controls in serviceworker Brad Hill 2014-11-24

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