W3C Workshop on The Future of Offline Web Applications 5 November 2011
Redwood City, CA, USA


The agenda for the Future of Offline Web Applications is detailed below.

Note: this workshop is in a different format than other workshops to which attendees may be accustomed, so please read the details below. Please come prepared to work, and having read the papers!



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Two Minutes

Given the large number of high quality papers, and the limited amount of time, it has been decided that we will forgo traditional presentations. Instead we will have 2 minute overviews, given by a representative from each submission. As the the session goes on, the chairs will collect overarching topics for further discussion.

Agenda for the afternoon

The topics which have been collected will be discussed by those in the room, and entered into a moderation system, such as Google Moderator. The most popular topics will then be discussed after lunch.


Lunch will be served onsite.


Once the most popular topics have been discerned, we will then choose a fixed number to discuss further in sessions of no more than an hour.

Wrap Up

During the discussions, any ideas for how we may move forward in this space will have been collected by the chairs. We will wrap up by discussing those ideas and taking temperature checks on each to determine the level of ongoing interest.