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Phayes3 is Pat Hayes.

My background is in AI/KR and philosophy, with a particular focus on logic-based KR. I have been active in the Semantic Web since it was Darpa-funded. I was a member of the DAML, RDF, Web Ontology (OWL), SWeb Best Practices and SPARQL working groups and recently joined the RDB2RDF WG. I also drafted the ISO Common Logic standard (ISO/IEC 24707) and co-authored the original Named Graph proposal. I am active in various email communities such as Ontolog.

I have wandered in and out of academia in various ways, and for the last two decades have been working at IHMC, a nonprofit research center in Florida, basically doing ontology work for the government. With colleagues I developed COE, one of the first OWL/RDF graphical editing systems. I also consult for various commercial enterprises.

My chief personal interest in this WG is to make RDF nicer by fixing the bugs (conceptual as well as technical) which got left in the current specifications, and to find ways to make its basic ideas more usable in real-world applications.

I also have an on-going private agenda, which I hope this experience will further, to identify places where real-world use seems to clash with accepted logical or philosophical truths, and use the former to make changes in the latter.