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Mischa Tuffield

I represent Garlik on the RDF WG (our main representative is Steve Harris). I am a developer at Garlik, and before that worked at the University of Southampton on the AKT project. Garlik run a number of services all of which make heavy use of RDF and SPARQL technology, as well as being a vendor of RDF databases, namely 4store (GPL) and 5store (proprietary). My personal interest in the working group are around the standardisation of named graphs, turtle, and the aliment of RDF's URIRefs to the more modern IRIs. This is so that RDF imported via SPARQL Update, can always be outputted as valid RDF via the CONSTRUCT verb.

We have written a book chapter about how Garlik makes use of RDF and Semantic Web tech from a software engineering perspective [1]. I built and maintain the FOAF validator, as well a number of services on

[1] Harris, S., Ilube, T. and Tuffield M. (2010) Enterprise Linked Data as Core Business Infrastructure in book Linking Enterprise Data

For more information about me, check my personal homepage at I tend to hang around in #swig on freenode under the alias of mischat.

W3C Experience

I helped author and was one of the editors of the Social Web XG's Final Report.

I am also on the newly started WebID XG.