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Matteo Brunati

I represent the IWA-HWG Association (International Webmasters Association / The HTML Writers Guild), more precisely I'm a member of IWA Italy ( IWA Italy website ).


My keying areas where I think I can help in this working group:

  • JSON syntax of the RDF Model
  • Linked Data stuff
  • URI/IRI standardization

W3C Experience



I'm a social semantic web researcher in my spare time, and a Social Media Strategist as main job in an italian IT corporation.
I've studied with Massimo Marchiori on Semantic Web general browsing issues in 2006, using Tabulator and other stuff.
I have worked with several MIT SIMILE widgets stuff and made some lessons at the Padua University on the Facebook OpenGraph and Semantic Web implications, during Massimo Marchiori's lessons.
I'm one of the contributors to the Open Data movement in Italy from a technical point of view. In fact using SIMILE widgets a small was born in November 2010, Spaghetti Open Data, a small thing that now we are integrating in a more structured way into the official CKAN catalogue.

I'm interested in how marketing is changed thanks to Semantic Web/Linked Data ( Data Web Marketing stuff ).
I'm working on a business project in this context ( around social objects enforced by Semantic Web and VRM vision ).

My Website | Twitter | Some english posts from my blog