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Model task force questions

  • [jcheney]: How are D2 and D3 related?
    • What do people expect to be specified in the "formal (OWL/RDF) model"?
    • How would this differ from the optional "formal semantics"?
    • Should the formal model be developed and implemented first, then described informally (my preference), or should the informal spec be written first and then formalized? Or something in between?

Provenance access and query task force questions

Connection task force questions

Implementation and test cases questions

  • [jcheney]: Can we start with contributed use cases/test cases based on existing languages/models and then migrate them to the standard?
    • In particular I remember discussion at the end of the XG of features of PML that its developers don't believe are handled well in OPM, and vice versa. Examples would help a lot for those that are not expert in either.
  • [jcheney]: What do we mean by an implementation? Memento might provide a good model for an implementation strategy. Suggestions:
    • A library that reads in PIl, checks its validity, and emits a normal form (possibly reading or writing different formats, e.g. for migrating existing formats to PIL or exporting PIL as XML or RDF).
    • Web server extensions that respond to provenance requests?
    • A Web browser plugin that uses PIL (e.g. implementing the "Oh, yeah" button)