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Publication Request (March 12)

Dear Denis,

This is a publication request, pending confirmation from the directors, for 13 documents from the Provenance working group.

The proposed publication date, agreed with you earlier, is March 12th.

Four documents are PR. Our PR transition call is scheduled for Friday March 8th.

All the other documents are on note track. Among which, three documents are FPWD (prov-dictionary, prov-sem, prov-implementations) and their transition request has been approved by Thomas. All remaining documents are WD.

Below, find each document, and the location where they are staged. All are to be published under the topic 'provenance'.

Note: for PROV-AQ: we would like the following css to be included but it does not validate (in prov-aq.css)

a.externalRef:after {
content:url(  sPIOE1eCOlEuoWWjgzYaB/IkeGOrxXhqB+uA9Bfcm0lAZuh+YIeAD+cAqSz4kCMUAAAAASUVORK5CYII=);