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Renaming "Formal" (i.e., the OWL)

Resolved: The short name prov-o was chosen in 2011-09-13. per http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/120

  • PROV OWL Ontology
  • PROV OWL Model
  • PROV Ontology (PROV-O)
    • Which happens to be in OWL, or are we making other ontologies, like in SKOS? -Stian

  • Luc liked the suggestion (by Paolo) of PROV-SW, since this specification should deal with a range of semantic web techniques. It contains an ontology (PROV-O, or similar), it will discuss how RDF named graphs are used (PROV-RDF or similar), and will probably contain rules (PROV-RIF or similar).
    • PROV-SW is good for those reasons, but are we here suggesting that we also describe serialisation recommendations in the same document as the ontology, or is that part of PAQ? I can see cases where reusing the ontology in non-recommended serialisations (or none at all) can be desirable - but for provenance interchange and compatibility purposes we should have strong recommendations, such as "Use Turtle, do named graphs such and such, always include explicitly any PROV properties and classes" - which to me sounds like something that fits better in PAQ. -Stian

Name Suggestions for the Standard

Resolved: The name PROV was chosen in telcon 2011-09-15 - and is not an acronym.

  1. APL: Assertion-based Provenance Language
  2. APM: Assertion-based Provenance Model
  3. PAST: Provenance Assertion SchemaTa
  4. PAX: Provenance Assertion eXchange
  5. PIL: Provenance Interchange Language
    1. PILO/PILV: PIL Ontology/PIL Vocabulary
  6. PIM: Provenance Interchange Model
  7. PAAP: "PAAP is About Asserting Provenance"
  8. PDGRE ("pedigree"): Provenance data general representation for exchange
  9. TPL: The Provenance Language
  10. Prov (or PROV, or prov): as in "the Prov Provenance Exchange Vocabulary" or "the Prov Provenance Framework", like "The OWL Web Ontology Language" (the name doesn't have to be an acronym).
  11. "before" (e.g. B4, BFRE, etc)
  12. PIV: Provenance Interchange Vocabulary
  13. PAV: Provenance Assertion Vocabulary
  14. PAL: Provenance assertion Language
  15. PIF: Provenance Interchange Framework - This is modification of Provenance Interchange Language (PIL), since we are defining more than a "Language" (ontology, access and query etc.). Following the idea of PIF, the provenance interchange framework, it has multiple components:
    1. PIDM: the Provenance Interchange Data Model
    2. PIO: the Provenance Interchange Ontology
    3. PIP: the Provenance Interchange Protocol?
    4. PIX: the Provenance Interchange XML representation
    5. ...