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  • author: Tim Lebo

Identify the problem

Model the transitions between the "U.S. Supreme Court compositions". The most recent composition is a derivation of the first composition.

This example is created to exercise the prov:Dictionary concept.

The use of provenance

Each court composition is derived from a previous court composition when a seat of the former is vacated by a justice's death or resignation. The appointment of a new justice to the vacant seat is a result of a nomination and approval process by the the U.S. President and U.S. Senate, respectively. Rinse and repeat for a couple hundred years, mixing in each of the interesting variations of seat additions and removals, deaths before induction, etc.

Model a "progression of elaboration" that:

  • step 1) Simplest: Begins with "simple membership" that one would find in a set.
  • step 2) Intermediate: "Graduate" to contextualizing the memberships with key value pairs.
  • step 3) Most Elaborate: Go "over the top" to qualify the contextualized key value pair memberships.

Do this for two examples (the current and first compositions of the court).

The PROV example

How PROV is accessed and queried?

PROV-O changes made, inspired by this example

  • Added class prov:Collection, as subclass of Entity
  • Added property prov:hadMember domain prov:Collection range prov:Entity.
    • This supports both generic "simple set" prov:Collection and prov:Dictionary.
  • Made KeyValuePair a subclass of Entity
    • this follows from Set Collection :c prov:hadMember :my_member and the definition of Collection "A collection is an entity that has some members. The members are themselves entities").
  • Renamed prov:membership to prov:qualifiedMembership to follow qualification pattern naming.
  • prov:Membership became subclass of prov:EntityInvolvement (though, it could become subclass of prov:KeyValuePairInvolvement, itself a subclass of prov:EntityInvolvement. But we'll try to simplify and reuse prov:entity)
  • prov:member renamed to prov:pair and became a subproperty of prov:involvee
  • Added property chain (qualifiedMembership o prov:pair) rdfs:subClassOf prov:hadMember
  • Added prov:removed domain prov:Removal range prov:KeyValuePair
  • Removed prov:CompleteDictionary from DM and PROV-O.

Related issues

http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/374 (Tim) indirection for Dictionary members

http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/391 (Jun) Reflecting Membership in the Collection Component