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All PROV examples

  • author: Tim Lebo

Identify the problem

An evaluation performed during a given observation period needs to describe what it saw of a particular subject. In DataFAQs, both the evaluators and the datasets being evaluated need to be contextualized to within only this interval, but we want to associate those contextualizations across multiple observations.

The use of provenance

The PROV example

http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/file/tip/examples/eg-19-derived-named-graph-attribution/rdf contains the RDF examples.

Using prov:alternateOf

in evaluation.ttl,

  • the local copy of the downloaded file is prov:alternateOf the file offered by the server.
  • prov:alternateOf also relates the URLs between an HTTP redirect on the server side.

Using prov:specializationOf

(the file above is loaded into a triple store into graph name http://datafaqs.tw.rpi.edu/datafaqs/epoch/2012-03-23/faqt/1/dataset/1)

in evaluation.meta.ttl,

How PROV is accessed and queried?