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Definition for Concept 'Provenance container'



The Provenance WG charter identifies the concept 'Provenance container' as a core concept of the provenance interchange language to be standardized (see

  • What term do we adopt for the concept 'Provenance container'?
  • How do we define the concept 'Provenance container'?
  • Where does concept 'Provenance container' appear in ProvenanceExample?
  • Which provenance query requires the concept 'Provenance container'?
  • Does the provenance container refer to the container of provenance statements (e.g. a Triple Store for provenance) or to a snapshot of the triple store at a certain time?.

Proposed Definitions for the Concept 'Provenance container'

Definition from DC Metadata Task Group

Taken from the link DC Metadata Task Group and DCAM.

A starting point for provenance container can be Description Set: A set of one or more Descriptions, each of which describes a single resource. The DC Task group also proposes to distinguish between the Description Set (which only holds provenance statements about a resource) and the different annotations that can be made about the Description Set (its metadata provenance, grouped in an Annotation Set), but I'm not sure if this should be part of this working group.

--Daniel 17:15, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

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