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Illustration Provenance Concepts from the Charter

In this document, we illustrate charter concepts using ProvenanceExample. Concepts are listed below in the order they appear in the charter.

1. Resource

In the example, r1 and r2 are resources.

2. Process execution

In the example, newspaper (news) publishing c1 is a process execution.

3. Recipe link

In the example, tools1 is a recipe.

4. Agent

In the example, alice, bob, news, gov and joe are agents.

5. Role

In the example, joe plays the role of writer; li2 plays the role of license to the publication activity.

6. Location

In the example, the government portal is hosted in England.

7. Derivation

In the example, chart c1 is a derivation of data set d1.

8. Generation

In the example, chart c1 was generated by the execution of software tool1.

9. Use

In the example, in the generation of chart c1 the turtle (lcp1) was used.

10. Ordering of Processes

In the example, the analyst (alice) downloads a turtle serialization after r1 was published on the government portal.

11. Version

In the example, data set (d2) is a new version of data set (d1)

12. Participation

The analyst that created the chart (c1) participated in the creation of the newspaper story (art1)

13. Control

In the example, the publication of the chart (c2) is controlled by the blogger bob.

14. Provenance Container

Blogger bob retrieves the provenance of chart, c1, published by the newspaper. The retrieved document describing the provenance is an example of a provenance container.

15. Views or Accounts

In the example, joe, the writer, has a different view of how the chart, c1, was created than alice the analyst. Alice can probably give a more specific account of its creation than joe.

16. Time

There are many instances of time within the example that might be useful to know. Two examples:

  1. Blogger bob, can detect that the data was changed after the newspaper story's publication.
  2. Data (d1) was analysed before resource (r2) was published.

17. Collections

The newspaper story (art1) contains chart (c1). art1's provenance includes the provenance of the chart as well as the fact that it was written by joe.