ISSUE-77: terminology issues


terminology issues

Accessing and Querying Provenance
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Luc Moreau
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Terminology is not always used consistently. Sometimes, it's confusing. I group all these comments in a single issue.

To start with, the word "context" which is overloaded. Furthermore, some sentences have two occurrences of this word, one with the technical meaning, one with the common sense meaning. In fact, we used to have a good term, "subject of provenance", which we could consider here.

Why do we have location_template and provenance_template?
Shouldn't they be provenance_location_template and provenance_content_template?
Both are indeed related to provenance.

The discovery service is sometimes referred to as discovery and retrieval service. Shouldn't it be consistently referred as discovery and retrieval service? But this is also referred to as provenance service.

The text seems to make the distinction between resource-uri and context-uri. But isn't it the case that a resource-uri is a context-uri?

Provenance resource is also mentioned. Is this provenance information?

Can we have a better name than provenance-location-uri? First, shouldn't we say provenance-locations-uri? this would allow us to see that several locations are permitted (whereas we have a singe provenance information template). Is location the right term? why not set provenance-uri?

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Related notes:

I believe these issues have now been addressed throughout the document. Section 1.1 summarizes the key concepts and terminology used.

Graham Klyne, 1 Dec 2011, 13:25:14


Graham Klyne, 5 Jan 2012, 11:13:39

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