ISSUE-634: Small issues to fix in the DC Note

small issues-paul

Small issues to fix in the DC Note

Mapping PROV-O to Dublin Core
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Daniel Garijo
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A couple of things to think about for next round:
- It seems we should say something about the dct:provenance relation other thatn we don't do a mapping. Can we not map it to bundles or have it point to an entity? I wonder what the relation to prov:has_provenance is?
- In section 2.2. point 1) - I would remove the mention of blank nodes - this doesn't seem to add anything
- Does "his leads to bloated and not very intuitive data representations." add anything?
- In section 2.2 you mention a clean-up phase which has not yet been described.
- There's a typo in the acknowledgments "Iniciative" should be "initiative"

Clarify: can the complex mappings be used to create dublin core statements from prov? Are they bidirectional?
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