ISSUE-420: usage of other params in paq service description


usage of other params in paq service description

Accessing and Querying Provenance
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Paul Groth
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Clarify in Section 4.1 that other params are allowed in the service description.
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  1. PROV-ISSUE-420 (other-params): usage of other params in paq service description [Accessing and Querying Provenance] (from on 2012-06-20)

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Either I disagree or I don't understand the request.

As far as I see, the *only* parameter allowed in the service description is "target". What else is needed? And if more is needed, what does it mean? Allowing arbitrary additional parameters would not be compatible with a REST API using a URI template per section 4.3.

None of this precludes a specific service from allowing and recognizing additional parameters, but I don't think we need to explain that. (That is partly why the service description document should be used, so the server has a way to expose its local functionality and options.)

Graham Klyne, 6 Nov 2012, 15:50:07

Clarify that other parameters can be described though the service description URI template.

Graham Klyne, 14 Nov 2012, 23:03:30

Paragraph and example added to section: 4.3 Provenance service description

Graham Klyne, 19 Nov 2012, 18:39:01

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