ISSUE-397: Remove external <a> links in PAQ body; move to [REF]

Remove external <a> links in PAQ body; move to [REF]

Accessing and Querying Provenance
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Timothy Lebo
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While looking over the document and trying to survey/navigate,
I have a general fear of "falling out" of the PAQ if I click on any of the links.

Most of the links are local anchors, but, e.g. in "3.1 Resource accessed by HTTP" you link to Web Linking (RFC 5988) directly, without the "[REFERENCE SECTION]" that respec provides.

I think it would be good to avoid any external links directly in the body of the document, and instead use the "[REFERENCE]" that respect provides. So, if you have any other links like the RFC 5988, I'd recommend shifting them into "proper" references.

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I seem to recall discussing this, but that discussion hasn't shown up here in the tracker. In most cases where I use external links, it is to refer to specific text in other documents at a finer granularity than is provided via references. I think we discussed changing the style of such external links to that there's a visual indication that these links have external destinations.

Graham Klyne, 6 Nov 2012, 14:54:48

I'll treat this issue as part of, and close this.

Graham Klyne, 6 Nov 2012, 15:20:18

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