ISSUE-169: Motivating provenance services in PAQ


Motivating provenance services in PAQ

Accessing and Querying Provenance
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Timothy Lebo
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"3.2.1 Specifying Provenance Services"

has a note:

"This is a new proposal. It needs to be reviewed as to whether it is useful."

I didn't see the request to put this in, but I'd like to offer some independent motivation.

Some capabilities that a provenance service could provide that a "baked in" rel link could not provide:

1) Send me (via POST) the file (or its cryptographic digest) back,

* I'll find you the "closest" document I know about (in case yours was changed)
* I'll point you to all newer versions of what you have.
* I'll point you to others that have done something with what you have.

Content-based manipulations can not be handled by hard coded rel links, but services can provide some assistance (through heuristics) that can inform the consumer about what they _have_, as opposed to what was _given_ at some point in the past.

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Thanks. I plan to remove the flag and propose to close this issue.

Graham Klyne, 1 Dec 2011, 13:39:05

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