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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Start wiki page on use cases and requirements Doug Schepers 2011-06-21
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Check on tracker status Alistair MacDonald 2011-06-27
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Chase down a link to this stuff Alistair MacDonald 2011-06-27
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Provide "anatomy of a use case" template Doug Schepers 2011-12-12
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Integrate WebRTC use cases into our doc Olivier Thereaux 2011-12-12
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Show example of how to derive requirement from our use cases on the mailing-list Doug Schepers 2011-12-19
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Start back porting requirements from his proposed spec into use cases/reqs doc Chris Rogers 2012-01-23
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Set up new requirements page for history purposes Doug Schepers 2011-12-26
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Get back to Crogers and Google, make sure they can host us in Venice Beach Google office on 23-24 Jan 2012 Olivier Thereaux 2011-12-26
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Find status of microphone input work Doug Schepers 2012-01-23
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Send details of f2f logistics Olivier Thereaux 2012-01-16
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Work on Use Case scenario 5 Joe Berkovitz 2012-01-23
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Copy Use Case scenario 1 from RTC document Olivier Thereaux 2012-01-16
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Work on Use Case scenario for visualisation Alistair MacDonald 2012-01-23
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Work on Use Case Scenario 3 (music production) Chris Rogers 2012-01-23
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Ask Tom White about potential IP issues regarding OpenAL, FMOD etc Olivier Thereaux 2012-01-23
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Get feedback from game developer contact Alistair MacDonald 2012-01-23
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Reorganise the video editing tool UCs together Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-03
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Add a separate use case for the record and playback of audio. Doug Schepers 2012-02-03
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Add a section where the character hears the clock (muffled) from another room. Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-03
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Add a section when the snake turns towards the user and the sound change with the direction of the snake’s head (directivity of the source/”sound cones”) Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-03
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add something that captures Doppler shift effects (e.g. police siren moving towards the user). Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-03
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Cross-reference the Meta-data API. Thierry Michel 2012-02-03
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Copy relevant requirements from UC1 to UC4 (and add ducking and levelling requirements) Chris Lowis 2012-02-03
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Think about gathering requirements (from people in the softsynth industry) around content protection on virtual instrument definition. Talk to Olivier to coordinate with the TV interest group. Joe Berkovitz 2012-02-03 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Add web workers capability to Web Audio API Chris Rogers 2012-02-03 Web Audio API
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Prepare review of changes to Web Audio API spec by next teleconference Chris Rogers 2012-02-03
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Look through temp heap of use cases, extract anything that hasn’t been covered yet Chris Lowis 2012-02-03
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Send requirement doc examples to CLowis Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-03
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Start page on differences between API, encourage people to add content Doug Schepers 2012-02-13
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Add Detail to "Spec Differences" Doc Alistair MacDonald 2012-04-09 Spec Differences Document
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Add placeholders for priorities in UC wiki Olivier Thereaux 2012-02-20
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Propose MIDI charter scope to the list Chris Wilson 2012-03-05
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Make sure the Moz Audio Data API pages mentions the new work Matthew Gregan 2012-03-05
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add use case for video sync, add requirement to work well with mediacontroller, clarify on list Olivier Thereaux 2012-03-12
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Talk with Al about getting material from the spec difference document ready for inclusion into umbrella spec Olivier Thereaux 2012-03-12
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Record discussion into ISSUE-3 Jussi Kalliokoski 2012-03-12 destroy-audiocontext
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Add new requirement to "add effects to the audio part of a video stream, and keep it in sync with the video playback" Olivier Thereaux 2012-03-26 Use Cases and Requirements
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Contact HTML, WebRTC and webapps group, point to new WD of Web Audio API Doug Schepers 2012-03-26
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Start poll to see if group members could be at TPAC Olivier Thereaux 2012-03-26
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Undocumented FFT Range Chris Rogers 2012-04-16 Web Audio API
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Write up scenario, requirements, and proposal for FFT node case Jussi Kalliokoski 2012-04-09 Web Audio API
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Ask for feedback on making ISSUE-6 a "nice to have" that we may not include in version 1 of the web audio API Alistair MacDonald 2012-04-09 audioparam
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Change teleconference time (wed 3pm Boston), announce to the group Olivier Thereaux 2012-04-23
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Draft section of features "kept out" of v1 Olivier Thereaux 2012-05-17
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Look into technical capabilities of tracker to see if it can send emails when issues are closed. Doug Schepers 2012-05-30
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Reach out to OpenAL folks to get firm commitment on IP status of OpenAL. Doug Schepers 2012-05-30 Web Audio API
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Send prose on UCR and MIDI for the scope of the proposed charter Olivier Thereaux 2012-06-06
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Add overloading of start to bugzilla Olivier Thereaux 2012-09-19
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Summarise channel layout discussion into Bug 17379 Chris Rogers 2012-10-24
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Send reminder to send to all AC reps for group participants to re-join Olivier Thereaux 2012-10-24
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Update milestones tables with links to FPWD Olivier Thereaux 2012-11-28
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Make a call time poll Doug Schepers 2012-12-12
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Document options re security model (asynchronous, synchronous, granularity) onto bugzilla Chris Wilson 2013-01-17
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Ask systeam about dvcs -> github redirect Thierry Michel 2013-01-17
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Migrate issues to bugzilla Jussi Kalliokoski 2013-01-17
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Update midi draft to mention issues to be sent to github Jussi Kalliokoski 2013-01-17
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Clean up midi actions on bugzilla once they have been migrated Olivier Thereaux 2013-01-17
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Talk to webrtc chairs, see what their perspective is on web audio API Olivier Thereaux 2013-03-07
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Ask whether we can unlock attachments in bugzilla Olivier Thereaux 2013-03-21
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Ask Ehsan to create a patch to the spec for the changes. Olivier Thereaux 2013-03-21
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Propose idea for OfflineAudioContext to list Chris Rogers 2013-05-30
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Will reply to Chris's proposed changes to OfflineAudioContext with updated WebIDL. Ehsan Akhgari 2013-05-30
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Remove the #OldNames section from the webaudio spec Paul Adenot 2013-07-18
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Create a bugzilla issue to look into how web audio relates to openAL, whether we need to dig deeper re- IPR Olivier Thereaux 2013-08-08
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Look into what dezippering in webkit was based on Chris Lowis 2013-10-31
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Contact psig to ask for the best course of action re bug 22969 Olivier Thereaux 2013-08-29
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Send calendar of how/when we want to go forward on the audiobuffer data races issue Olivier Thereaux 2013-08-28
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Tidy up "how to contribute" section in wiki Chris Lowis 2013-10-31
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Look into migrating all webaudio issues from bugzilla to github Olivier Thereaux 2013-11-21
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Create repository on github for webaudio Chris Wilson 2013-09-05
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Send cfc on roc's audiobuffer data races proposal with eta in a week Olivier Thereaux 2013-09-05
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Document resolution of issue 127 (keep must) and add issue for the addition of a mathematically accurate oscillator Paul Adenot 2013-09-26
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Create an issue in github, summarise thread at Chris Wilson 2013-09-26
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Add issue in github about disconnected scriptprocessornode, mention to be added in the spec Ehsan Akhgari 2013-09-26
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Add issue to make compressor node reduction a readonly float Chris Wilson 2013-09-26
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Document use case for side chain compression as issue in github, Chris Wilson 2013-09-26
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Make sure web platform docs has up to date doc on web audio Doug Schepers 2013-11-21
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Change editors names and editor's draft link in web-audio draft Paul Adenot 2013-10-10
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Remove webaudio section on example applications, photos from section on convolution, and salvage anything valuable Chris Wilson 2014-02-20
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Contact tag, point them to tag issues in github, continue conversation there Olivier Thereaux 2014-02-20
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Check whether we are tracking issue for disconnect behaviour Olivier Thereaux 2013-11-07
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Get started with a space on wpd to survey docs on good practice for webaudio Doug Schepers 2013-12-05
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Followup on ml about dezippering, summarize discussion and rough consensus Chris Lowis 2013-11-28
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Issue cfc on dezippering around current chrome/blink behaviour Olivier Thereaux 2013-11-28
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Document the case of mediaelementaudiosource and mediastreamaudiosource nodes in offlineaudiocontext on github Chris Lowis 2014-02-20
ACTION-87 (edit) open Review, suggest updates Matthew Paradis 2014-10-02
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Start discussion on audio-dev list about known best practices (and tutorials), make sure to include stuff linked in chrislowis' newsletter Matthew Paradis 2014-03-06
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Look at current implementations, and draft interface to request mathematical oscillator (issues/127) and specify phase (base on pr 270) Paul Adenot 2014-03-06
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Look into - assess how complex the change would be (and ideally suggest pr to spec) Chris Wilson 2014-02-20
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Do a quick review of hrt l2 Chris Wilson 2013-12-12
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Report on exploration of performance impact of github issue 268 Chris Wilson 2014-02-20
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Implement changes listed in Paul Adenot 2014-01-16
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Email bjorn when pr goes through Chris Wilson 2014-02-27
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Open github issue on - document discussion so far Chris Lowis 2014-03-13
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Draft strawman proposal(s) on scriptprocessornodes in workers - see github issue 113 Chris Wilson 2014-03-20
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Start spreadsheet to triage issues for webaudio api Matthew Paradis 2014-07-03
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Share draft explaining html audio in terms of webaudio Jer Noble 2014-04-03
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Migrate demo-list to html, split learn/showcase Olivier Thereaux 2014-04-24
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Organise cfc for constructors Olivier Thereaux 2014-04-24
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Check our preferences for tpac are for nor overlap with ab Olivier Thereaux 2014-04-24
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Make sure we have an issue tracked for the mapping of dom time and audiocontext time Joe Berkovitz 2014-06-12
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Add/point to issue on sub-sample accurate scheduling Joe Berkovitz 2014-06-12
ACTION-104 (edit) open Extract formulas from cookbook Paul Adenot 2014-11-01
ACTION-105 (edit) open Mark up formulas for biquadfilter in mathml (get help from mathjax?) Doug Schepers 2014-11-01
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Document synchronous option in github issue 113 Chris Wilson 2014-07-17
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Organise cfc on breaking change for the main thread scriptprocessornode Olivier Thereaux 2014-08-21
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Remove old scriptprocessornode and implement new one, issue draft. Chris Wilson 2014-08-14
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Add communication/education on new spn to the agenda of our next telcon Olivier Thereaux 2014-08-14
ACTION-110 (edit) open Reach out to w3c comms, ask for help re deprecation of spn Olivier Thereaux 2014-10-02
ACTION-111 (edit) open Ping tag about novel(?) method to impact gc Chris Wilson 2014-10-02
ACTION-112 (edit) open Add issue 69 and issue about implementation of native node to next teleconference Olivier Thereaux 2014-09-25
ACTION-113 (edit) open Reach out to webrtc and device apis groups re getusermedia (timestamp issue) Olivier Thereaux 2014-09-25
ACTION-114 (edit) open Update group's wiki page to include all info previously in, redirect to the wiki Doug Schepers 2014-10-27
ACTION-115 (edit) open Put together matrix Matthew Paradis 2014-11-04
ACTION-116 (edit) open And matt will identify sections of spec to be broken out as per issue 45 Doug Schepers 2014-11-28
ACTION-117 (edit) open Complete two examples; do pull request Chris Wilson 2015-04-08
ACTION-118 (edit) open Put out call on issues 110 and 99 Chris Wilson 2015-04-08
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Follow up with web rtc/etc re output device characteristics; will be in touch with doug Joe Berkovitz 2015-04-08
ACTION-120 (edit) open Add acknowledgment to robert bristow-johnson in web audio api spec Raymond Toy 2015-06-08
ACTION-121 (edit) open Review pull requests to determine homework for next meeting Matthew Paradis 2015-11-26
ACTION-122 (edit) open Reach out to other groups related to ultrasound issues Matthew Paradis 2015-11-26
ACTION-123 (edit) open Open issue against mediacapture re 692 Paul Adenot 2016-01-21
ACTION-124 (edit) open Email author cc list and see what happens Paul Adenot 2016-01-21
ACTION-125 (edit) open Draft new charter Chris Lilley 2016-04-15
ACTION-126 (edit) open Create implementation report Chris Lilley 2016-04-15
ACTION-127 (edit) open Coordinate new use cases Matthew Paradis 2016-04-15
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Liaise with the media capture and streams to discuss options for adding audio and video device constraint and enumeration, in context of existing group or the incubator group Joe Berkovitz 2016-04-15
ACTION-129 (edit) open Figure out who reviews the privacy/fingerprinting issue Chris Lilley 2016-04-15
ACTION-130 (edit) open Add new security appendix Chris Lilley 2016-04-28
ACTION-131 (edit) open to begin explainer document for media output. Jerry Smith 2016-04-28
ACTION-132 (edit) open And hongchan to update examples and idl to reflect today's discussion Joe Berkovitz 2016-06-09
ACTION-133 (edit) open And matt to fix a date for f2f Joe Berkovitz 2017-03-23
ACTION-134 (edit) open File an issue on tag gh for review Chris Lilley 2017-11-13

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