ACTION-92: Report on exploration of performance impact of github issue 268

Report on exploration of performance impact of github issue 268

Chris Wilson
Due on:
February 20, 2014
Created on:
December 19, 2013
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[olivier]: cwilso says he has looked into it with Ray and Alex. Should be doable but makes the problem with scriptprocessor even worse

6 Feb 2014, 17:10:52

Forgot to capture the conversation from the telecon on Jan 23:

In short, I'm concerned, because although I recognize using new buffers for every onaudioprocess call is the easiest way to fix the race condition possibility in script processors, I note that it will mean every call to onaudioprocess will necessitate likely six memory allocations - the AudioBuffers, plus the channel data in each channel, for input and output. This will mean more memory pressure - particularly on constrained-memory environments like mobile devices - which will increase the likelihood of garbage collection happening, which in turn is more likely to cause audio glitching.

I don't have a clean solution to this, other than perhaps implementing a Worker-based script processor, where at least it would not have the main thread pressure as well; and, in fact, you could perhaps specify that the i/o buffers are tranferred (and therefore neutered, and it would be irrelevant and unnecessary to use new buffers for every call.

Chris Wilson, 19 Feb 2014, 22:40:03

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