EOWG 19 Aug 2011


  1. Slides template - any comments or suggestions?
  2. Any issues for EOWG discussion on the following?:


Wayne, Cliff, Sandy, Shawn, Char, Denis, Ian
Jennifer, Sylvie, Shadi, Helle, Andrew, Sharron, Emmanuelle


<IanPouncey> Hi shawn, will be late dialing in today, should join in 30 minutes at the latest

<dboudreau> morning everyone

Morning, Denis! We're getting Wayne set up in IRC (or not)

<scribe> scribe: Cliff

<scribe> scribenick: clifftyllick

Slides template

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/presentations/template

shawn: char has been getting slides into html; slides will be available in at least 3 formats, including html, PowerPoint, and html Slidey (which can be used to give a presentation). PP should be usable by Open Office and others.
... Format OK?

Denis: Okay in Mac Lion/Firefox 6

Char: Encountering issues in FF and IE in Windows 7: when a slide is shorter than a full screen, it does not advance to the top of the next slide; instead it advances one screen down.

<dboudreau> Using Msc OS X Lion (10.7.1), the whole thing looks pretty much the same on Firefox 6.0, Opera 11.50, Camino 2.0.7, Chrome 13.0.782.112 and Safari 5.1

<shawn> thanks to Ian!

Wayne: Great in alternate stylesheets

also looks good in OmniWeb, Mac Leopard

Volunteer to edit Slidey help

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/Talks/Tools/Slidy/help.html

Wayne volunteers to start right away

Shawn volunteers Cliff to help embellish and format the instructions for Slidey, especially to add tips for screen reader users and other visual display, keyboard-only, and, if needed, for other interfaces

Shawn: Nice to have a draft next week; update by Wednesday so we can have some discussions in e-mail
... plan is to have some video for this; html; and, if we're lucky, all will be ready by end of August
... Char might help with Slidey help

Denis: Can get some screen reader users to help review Slidey help

Working drafts for review

<shawn> Cliff: ATAG conformance matching WCAG...

<shawn> e.g., colour contrast switcher meets 1.4.8. but default contrast is 5:1 so not meet 1.4.x. at AA

<shawn> Contrast (Minimum): 1.4.3 AA

<shawn> Contrast (Enhanced) 1.4.6 AAA

<shawn> 1.4.8 AAA Foreground and background colors can be selected by the user.

<shawn> so not meet 1.4.6. at AAA

Wayne: finds 1.7.2 (user stylesheets) unclear on UAAG; will comment
... success criterion seems to say that the page author, not the user, will create the alternative stylesheet. Concern is that author will not know user's needs.

Shawn: Everyone get comments for ATAG ready to discuss first Friday in September.
... in meantime, submit comments directly for uaag and wcag techniques

Wayne: should HTML5 be on our radar as a Working Group?

Shawn, Denis: Too early


<shawn> http://www.w3.org/TR/UAAG20/

<shawn> http://a11ymtl.org/en

Denis: A11yMontreal will be live streamed next weekend. Translations to English will be added after the conference.
... Struggling to find a platform for accessible live streaming.

<dboudreau> Especially http://a11ymtl.org/presentation/michael-cooper and http://a11ymtl.org/presentation/john-foliot

Shawn: no teleconference next week, but possible that items will be reviewed by e-mail in the meantime.

<dboudreau> Or, english versions: http://a11ymtl.org/en/presentation/michael-cooper & http://a11ymtl.org/en/presentation/john-foliot

Shawn, trying to download the minutes from http://www.w3.org/2011/08/19-eo-minutes.html, I get an Insufficient Access Privileges message.


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