Forms Working Group Teleconference

20 Jul 2011


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Steven, +44.782.483.aaaa, alain, pfennell, +1.443.837.aabb, Kurt
Leigh, Nick, John, Uli


<trackbot> Date: 20 July 2011

<scribe> Scribe: Steven

Steven: Congratulations to Nick on the birth of his son Tim!

Summer meetings

Steven: Just a reminder that there is no call 3 and 10 Aug
... both Leigh and I will be away 17, and 24th, so someone else will be needed to chair (maybe John?)

Bay area meeting

Steven: Last three days of august
... if there are issues you want discussed at the meeting, please send them to the list

Uses of XForms on the web

Steven: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109182513536739786206/posts/GQQwvwUz5HB
... we ought to reply

Kurt: Often uses are off the public web, behind firewalls

Steven: Yes, quite so. I understand the motivation is whether CSS3 should still mention the CSS3 extensions
... I'm not sure it is important; we can just include them in our spec


Summary of Action Items

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