EOWG 08 Jul 2011


  1. Business Case slides (ppt) - discuss any issues prior to the survey
  2. Reminder: Complete Standards Harmonization survey by Tuesday 12 July - all participants in good standing must complete it
  3. Reminder: EOWG f2f 31 Oct 2011 California





Business Case slides

<scribe> Chair: Shawn

<scribe> Scribe: Sharron

Sharron: They seem in good shape, it has been a long time and we did not agree but it seems worth it since we have now such a good set of slides that we can stand behind.

Cliff: Haven't yet looked through will do this week.

Char: Will do the HTML

Shawn: Can strt doing some of the tricky parts now, but wait for final version to start.
... the rest of the slides. Please fill out the survey.

Face to Face

Shawn: For those who have not been before, it occurs in October along with the Tech Plenary.

Cliff: Should we try to spend the whole week?

Shawn: Monday and Tuesday for sure, but the rest depends on your interest and while you may be invited to other sessions, other working groups although some are not open to any other than members
... reads the schedule that hass been set so for, when Working Groups are meeting

Sharron: Is eGov meeting?

Shawn: Not so far from what has been announced

Jennifer: I'll be there for the whole week.

Shawn: anything else?

Jennifer: After Biz Case and Standards Harmonization, do we know what's next?

Shawn: Look on EO home, we still have a couple of things from WAI-AGE that will take time, a few things that need final OK, etc Policy page is high priority - thanks so much for your offer to help.

Jennifer: I was just thinking that if I had a heads up I could get started.

Shawn: ...and getting back on track with ATAG promotion. We also have some work in progress about How to Make Presentations accessible to all.

Jennifer: Thanks for the heads-up on that, I often wish there was something I could point people to.

Shawn: It's released in Draft form, so you can go ahead and point people there.
... we really need to tell every conference that we know of to send their organizers there.

Cliff: That would be so great, many in different interest groups including usability do not understand that it can even be done.
... if you make it more accessible through the Notes section, it's a good place to start.

<hbj> bye have to quit have a nice weekend

Shawn: Yes but two different issues - is the material presented fully accessible and two, do you include the information for those who did not attend.
... I'll update the upcoming list, clarify the priorities and if there is no more new business, we can adjourn.

<LiamMcGee> sure

Shawn: Complete the Harmonization survey as posible, the Biz Case also as possible. and see you next week.

Summary of Action Items

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