EOWG 25 Feb 2011


  1. WCAG 2.0 at a Glance
  2. Confirm face-to-face meeting 23-24 May 2011 in London, England




<shawn> zakim who is here?

<scribe> scribe: Sharron

WCAG 2.0 at a Glance

Shawn: Review Sylvie's comments, submitted to EO by email.

Jennifer: I agreed with her suggestion for headings.
... If we had PDF of the card itself, could people go print there own?

Shawn: One of the test iterations of the first one was a business card size, quality degraded. So we printed on a more durable materials and allow people to order from us. Issues include cost, distribution, etc
... current plan is to have a full size sheet option that people may be able to print themselves

Jennifer: I'm just looking forward to having the cool cards, always popular at training. Maybe also a screen for the iPhone or Android that they can just pop up

Shawn: Any other response to Sylvie's commnets?

Jennifer: One of the comments was about 1.3 and all the conversation we had around it. Is this what we have settled on?

Shawn: let's look at that.
... there's a comparison table that has several versions and brainstorming ideas
... we have been trying to come up with a 55 character statement that will fit on one line. Am now proposing that we allow it to go to two lines.

<shawn> proposal: Create content that can be presented in different ways (including with assistive technologies) without losing meaning.

Sylvie: There are two versions here and I don't understand the difference and what is the propsal exactly?

<shawn> [on card:] Create content that can be presented in different ways (also with assistive technologies) without losing meaning.

Shawn: Could say let's use the same language both places. Second approach would be to change one word for spacing. Third possibility is to layout the card with a slightly altered text size, drop it half a point.

Jennifer: can people read that? seems awfully small to me?

Shawn: And 1.3 is not the only one with that issue, the one above is similarly constrained.
... you are correct that it is quite small, but is still considered readable by most.

Sylvie: Comments on wording - create content that can be presented...do you create content with the assistive technology? It does not follow logically?

Shawn: it's the word "with" that you are asking about?
... is "by" a better choice

Sandi: it actaully may be better using "to" becasue the content is delivered to the technology
... when you are presenting something to a user, you do not present with, you present to the user, through the technology

Jennifer: It seems like it should be "by"

Shawn: and "by" fits the space

<shawn> Create content that can be presented in different ways (including by assistive technologies) without losing meaning.

<shawn> Create content that can be presented in different ways, including by assistive technologies, without losing meaning.

Sandi: suggest commas rather than brackets

Sharron: I agree

Liam: +1

Shawn: Let's look at 1.2 now for spacing edits

Jennifer: I always think of audio, video and such when I hear multi-media

Shawn: the WCAG language is time-based media

Shadi: it's less technical but I think for this summary card it should be fine.

Sandi: Devil's advocate position is that audio/video is not multimedia. The content is the issue.

Jennifer: No one will think that players are meant becasue these are the content guidelines, not players.

Shawn: The idea of the card is to get people to retain a general idea of the meaning and then go look at the actual guidelines for detail.
... If we decide on multi-media, do we match the language on the full size sheet or try for more detail since we have the space?

Jennifer: In terms of maintainence, different wording makes it more complex a task.

Shadi: I hear the maintainence issue, I might have been more convinced if you had said consistancy. But if we have the space, I would prefer audio and video.

Sharron: I agree
... I think multimedia is a very vague term

Jennifer: My concern with audio video is that it limits the imagination
... there may be more things that emerge

Shawn: When people who are new to accessibility encounter the word"multimedia" will they stretch their thinking to include things that may not be audio/video but do have the need for alternatives

Shadi: I'm on the fence. Thinking of a much more practical case, handing out those small cards and people compare them and there are two different versions of the same guideline. Could just add to the confusion.
... multimedi is a bit ambiguous and could be misunderstood.

Shawn: Consistancy is an important issue.

Jennifer: Yes, especially with the comparison scenario.
... ampersands for the word and everywhere?

Sharron: or use audio/video

Sandi: or audio visual

Jennifer: It still seems limiting - in my imagination, it might be tactile content

Shawn: So it sounds like regardless of the space, there are some reasons to stay with multimedia

Liam: I am on the fence with Shadi, but think given the audience everyone will know what is meant by multimedia.

Shawn: Put on the table the phrase with "multimedia"
... it seems the layman's term for all these things we are talking about.

Sharron: I will vote with that choice as long as it is considtent in both versions

<LiamM> +0.25 multimedia. On the fence but leaning.

Sylvie: Looking over the success criteria I see a reference to either audio or video in them. But I changed my mind with the arguement for enlarging the possibilities.

Shadi: Can we print a small number of them for the March events and see the reaction?

Shawn: Yes, we can actively monitor how it is received and be very open to change.

Jennifer: Can you print now in time for your March events?

Shawn: One of the issues is that this is not what most of the March audiences need.
... of more value to them is the prompt for them to see all the new resources we have.
... anything else on WCAG2 At A Glance?

The flyer

Shawn: Do we want a handout that is just the resources or do we want a marketing piece and we have not resolved it. March starts Tuesday.

Sandi: Just getting them talking about things and promoting to a captive audience.

Shawn: great point! Maybe what we do is send emails and talk to all the accessibility presenters and ask them to convey the message.

Jennifer: It would be awesome to start tweeting them out while the presentations are happening.

Shawn: Even in a bit of a structured way and pick one theme to promote each day.

Jennifer: Could create buzz even among those who are watching the hashtags and are not at the conference.

Shawn: Do you hesitate to follow the bitly links?

Sandi: No

Jennifer: Never

Liam: Because it comes from a trusted source.

Jennifer: You can schedule them to post on a schedule

Shawn: We can set up a pre-defined set of bitly links for consistancy and better tracking.

Jennifer: I will do my retweeting part since I will not attend the conferences.
... use the hashtag of the conference.

Shawn: Any other social media suggestions welcome

Sandi: Does WAI have a FB page?

Shawn: No, but we do have a Twitter account

Liam: Are we allowed a FB page?

Shawn: Our concerns are anything that you must sign in to access.

Jennifer: You can email to FB now since the interface is not accessible.

Shawn: I am open to it, but so far negatives seem to outweigh positives

Sandi: Using LinkedIn may be an option. Not sure what people use who will be in attendence.

Liam: I'm guessing we could do a slightly unofficial accessibility FB page.

Shawn: Get linked to those accessibility advocates who are already in that space.
... there are several web accessibility groups in LinkedIn to coordinate with.

Jennifer: The thing is to make one of these spaces your command center and then post out to the others not to be overwhelmed

Face-to-Face in London

Shawn: 23rd and 24th of May

Jennifer: In conjunction with what conference?

Shawn: Not in conjunction with any, but WebDirections is later in the week, but not in conjunction with that.

Sandi: Who said they could come?

Shawn: If there are no further items for discussion, please update your availability and feel free to comment.
... and we will adjourn for today.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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