EOWG -- 21 Jan 2011


  1. [postponed for Liam's participation] W3C website pages on user agents and authoring tools
  2. WAI WG news:
  3. Upcoming conference promotion:
  4. Please update Availability for Upcoming EOWG Teleconferences (there's a little surprise in there)
  5. Reminder of open reviews


Shawn, Ian, Sandi, Sylvie, Shadi, Emmanuelle(IRC)
Helle Bjarnø, Jennifer


WAI WG news

<shawn> WAI-ARIA 1.0 Candidate Recommendation and Role Attribute Last Call Working Draft, comments due 25 Feb

Shawn: We are not planning a EOWG review of WAI-ARIA, so please review individually and bring up issues for EOWG discussion if you would like

<shawn> UAAG nearing Working Draft publication, in-progress Editors' Draft is available

shawn: I'm looking at browser ability to set test atributes for improved readability for people with print disabilities (esp low vision and dyslexia), and don't think it is sufficient, so will be writing about that soon. If you have perspectives feel free to let me know.

Sandi: Who is good to talk to about this? Someone from Opera?

Shawn: Patrick Lauke is in UAAG WG

<shawn> WCAG WG working on PDF Techniques - discuss reactions to Flash techniques announced in October

Sandi: I really need to look in to making accessible PDF and other documents.
... are there guidelines available?

shawn: yes, there are guidelines for PDF, produced by Adobe and others.
... WCAG WG currently looking specifically at PDF and WCAG.
... one of the concerns is that when we publish these techniques do people get the impression we are saying that all flash or PDF [or other technology] can be made fully accessible (which is not true)?
... we want to be careful to make sure that is not the impression we give.
... do we need to do anything from an education and outreach point of view to head off any misunderstandings and issues that might arise with publication of PDF Techniques?

Upcoming conference promotion

Sylvie: we have a conference for accessibility on 28th March in Paris.

<sylvie> http://inova.snv.jussieu.fr/evenements/colloques/colloques/70_index_en.html#contenu

shawn: we will send out an email reminding people of WAI participation in upcoming conferences in March.

<shawn> CSUN list of web sessions <http://www.csunconference.org/index.cfm?EID=80000300&p=380&page=Schedule&ECTID=0>

shawn: For SXSW we will point out sessions that specifically relate to web accessibility

sandi: Any guidance for non-W3C staff on working groups at conferences

shawn: Be clear about what your relationship is. Choose the right terminology: Participant in working groups, invited experts, W3C members
... In general individuals don't do things on behalf of EOWG
... Feel free to talk about involvement opportunities
... recruiting is one of the things that you can do best

shadi: according to the W3C process, only the chairs of a WG are entitled to speak on behalf of a group.
... The best way to approach it is to say you are active in a group, but not speak as a representative


shawn: Remember to update teleconference availability
... There are several things on http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/ that are open reviews, so please take a look at that.
... in particular we want to update slides in February

W3C website pages on user agents and authoring tools

shawn: As Liam is not here we will not discuss 'W3C website pages on user agents and authoring tools' this week. If you have any comments please send them.

Summary of Action Items

No action items

[End of minutes]