ISSUE-16: Restrict report URI to specific report pattern


Restrict report URI to specific report pattern

Navigation Error Logging
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Philippe Le Hégaret
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Nick: Does the specification reveal the URL that failed to load? three things; we talked about top-level navigation, you'd know the URL that failed to load?

Arvind: yes
Nick: Cases where origin does not match up - possible attack
Arvind: Our assumption is to follow the standard origin concept
Nick: I don't have an answer yet, just raising the problem
Nick: Actively "phone-home" when an error occurs?
Arvind: Yes. Real-time is possible via the reporting mechanism. Follows the model of the CSP/same mechanism.
Nick: If someone visits my webpage on the uni domain, use some javascript, I could have repots backs from anyone who visits a university webpage? I could watch someone browsing pages Is there a use case for a cofigurable URL? this could be mitigated if there were a single well-known reporting URL at the domain level, rather than configurable by JavaScript

Arvind: can restrict the report URI to the specific report pattern Are there other examples where this has been done?
Nick: is the RFC for well-known
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