ISSUE-15: Can the user block error reporting?


Can the user block error reporting?

Navigation Error Logging
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Philippe Le Hégaret
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From Wendy Seltzer:
if the user wants to do some client-side transformation of the page (which might cause errors), the user might not want them sent back to the server, like proxy information
[What would this reveal about a Tor browser user?]

I might not be able to connect, because I explicitly tried to prevent connections for privacy purposes, like not loading scripts as a Tor browser bundle user -- it would be unfortunate if that were undone after I turned off that mode
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I've added a sentence in Privacy mode that in private mode, reporting will be off. Per the discussion in yesterday's web perf meeting, this was considered as the resolution of this issue.

Arvind Jain, 15 May 2014, 13:12:05

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