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NOTE: the Web Events Working Group closed in November 2013 because it completed its technical work with the publication of the 10 October 2013 Touch Events Recommendation. As such, this document is NO longer maintained.

The W3C Web Events Working Group is chartered is to provide methods to enable the use of multi-touch and pen-tablet input on devices of all types, as well as high-level user-action events.

Feedback on our work and the chartered deliverables is welcome, via the WG's public-webevents mail list (see also the group's Mail List Policy).


  • Publication Status - the WG's publication status
  • Work Mode - wiki that describes how the WG operates and links to various resources.
  • Tracker - issues and actions database


The charter is publicly available. For a historical view of the Web Events WG charter, see the Charter History.


The group will soon begin working on the Web Events 1.0: Multitouch and User-Action Events specification, as well as landscape survey documents on gestures and touch interfaces.

All of this group's specifications will be included in the W3C's CVS repository (http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/).

See the group's PubStatus page for the latest publication status regarding all of the group's specifications.


The group's tests are included in the touch-events directory of the Web Platform Test repository on Github. A more browser friendly mirror of the tests is available in http://w3c-test.org/touch-events/.


The Web Events WG will hold some topic-specific telcons and face-to-face meetings.

All of our meetings' Minutes are Publicly available.

Issue Tracking

The Web Events WG uses the W3C Tracker tool to keep track of issues and actions on various specifications, using the following Tracker Guidelines.

Coordination with Other Working Groups

Web Events' specs are relevant to some other W3C Working Groups and external organizations, as documented in Web Events' Charter. Active coordination points are documented in Web Events' Coordination wiki.


For a current list of Members organizations of the Web Events WG, see the participant list (Member-only view).


Currently, the Web Events WG has no active liaisons with organizations or groups outside of the W3C although the WG's charter identifies ECMA TC39 as a potential collaborator.

Background Work

For a survey of some of the prior work that has been done within the scope of this group's deliverables, see Landscape.