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HTML 5—The Accessibility Story

Advisory Committee Meeting, 2-4 November 2010, Lyon France


Janina Sajka <>

Lyon Bridge photo by Christine Vaufrey

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Janina Sajka Janina was a blond!

Chair, Protocols and Formats WG
Co-Facilitator, HTML Accessibility Task Force

Chair, Linux Foundation Open Accessibility
Editor, ISO 13066-4 Linux/Unix Graphical Desktop Accessibility
Member, JTC1 Special Working Group on Accessibility

WAI-ARIA—Our 1.0 Story

WAI-ARIA Overview

Intentional Events—Our Newest Story

The HTML Accessibility Task Force Story

Three key remaining activities:

  1. Mapping ARIA to HTML
  2. Canvas
  3. Media accessibility (see Media Accessibility User Requirements)

Meeting User Needs on Accessible Media

What do people use?

Type of Disability Alternative Content Technologies
Blindness, Low Vision, & Atypical Color Perception Described video, structured navigation, access to controls
Deafness & Hard of Hearing Captions, clear audio, sign language translation
Deaf-Blind Video descriptions, captions, structured navigation, transcripts, access to controls
Dexterity / Mobility Impairment Access to controls
Cognitive and Neurological Disabilities Video descriptions, captions (reinforcement)

Tieing it all Together with Media

Need ability to synchronize any combination of the following alternate media with the primary media resource:

Alternate Media Types Examples
Streamable text Texted video descriptions, extended texted video description, caption, enhanced caption, transcript, subtitles
Secondary Audio Video description, extended video description, clear audio, alternate languages
Secondary Video Sign language translation

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