Distributed Social Networking


Socially Aware Cloud Storage

Tim Berners-Lee, <timbl@w3.org>

Stata building by See-ming Lee, http://bit.ly/cbqTL7

Social Network Silos

Silos - people trying to communcate despite them

Social Network Silos - 2

closed silos

Breaking the silos

interconnected social network data

Building Apps

Clients access data though ACL systems - (SVG diagram)


AC resources on the web

Web Groups


  1. The server reads the ACF (or consults a cache.) If the ACF gives public access to the operation required, it allows it.
  2. It puts the client through an foaf+ssl challenge if it is not already authenticated.
  3. If access is allowed to some but it is not obvious whether the current requester is allowed, the URIs in the ACL are dereferenced, if necessary recursively. For example a class mentioned is dereferenced it will typically return a list of members of the class.