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Participation in W3C Web on TV Workshop(NTT Lab.)

From: Koichi MARUYAMA <maruyama.koichi@lab.ntt.co.jp>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 14:27:50 +0900
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Dear committee members

My name is Koichi MARUYAMA and I am working for 
NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories.

I'm sending a statement of interest as following 
because we'd like to participate in "W3C Web on TV Workshop".
Let me know if you have any trouble. 


Expression of interest in participating in the Workshop

Name, organization and contact details
Organization:NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories,NTT Corporation

Participant’s interest

Hikari TV IPTV service launched by NTT Plala Inc. in March 2008 acquired 1.01 million subscribers by the end of March 2010. This service is delivered to 
set-top boxes as well as TV sets using the Internet Protocol and other 
web-related technologies, making it a typical example of "IP-based television". These TV sets for IPTV service are based on standard specifications, defined by IPTV Forum Japan [1]. IPTV Forum Japan chose ARIB's STD-B24 [2], so-called BML (Broadcast Markup Language), as the basis of one of its languages to describe interactivity and web-like content, such as portals, because of its robustness and maturity. TV sets featuring "BML for IPTV" are sold in the retail market and consumers can buy them along with other consumer electronics. Subscribers enjoy IPTV services, including interactive applications and portal-pages, on a TV set without a STB. "BML for IPTV" has been proposed to ITU-T and approved as the international standard, ITU-T Rec. H.762 "Lightweight interactive multimedia environment for IPTV" (LIME) [3] in December 2009.
For more user-friendly and more-satisfactory IPTV services, NTT is currently studying metadata technology to recommend content to users out of hundreds of thousands of content and three-screen (mobile-device, PC and DTV) linkage services. In order to deliver such services, a markup-language for service navigation is very important. We have interests in markup-language for service navigation which has following features:
 - Easy multimedia description like BML/LIME
 - Interactivity as rich as that of native application 
 - Service integration and linkage for multiple devices 

Point of View

1. Requirements on service navigation, using a markup-language, for a combined service consisting of IP-Broadcast , VOD and interactive applications

Combining various interactive applications, such as EC (Electric Commerce) and SNS (Social Networking Service), with IP-broadcasting and VOD service is one of the most attractive features of IPTV. 

2. Performance on resource-limited embedded devices

There are trade-off problems between performance and functional capability on resource-limited embedded devices such as DTV and mobile terminal devices. How should markup-language be profiled for such devices?

3. middleware security on the terminal devices

Considering the case that secured contents, such as digital-broadcast video, and unsecured contents, such as open internet content, are processed on the same terminal platform, what kind of requirements are necessary for terminal middleware and markup- language specification?

[1] IPTV FORUM JAPAN - http://www.iptvforum.jp/en/
[2] ARIB STD-B24 - http://www.arib.or.jp/english/index.html
[3] ITU-T Rec. H.762 Lightweight Interactive Multimedia Environment 
 - “http://www.itu.int/itu-t/recommendations/index.aspx?ser=H” 


Sincerely yours,

Koichi MARUYAMA <maruyama.koichi@lab.ntt.co.jp>
NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
Promotion Project 2
1-1 Hikarinooka Yokosuka-Shi Kanagawa 239-0847 Japan
TEL +81 46 859 3780 FAX +81 46 855 1282
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