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W3C Web on TV - statement of interest by jig.jp

From: OMATA Hiroshi <omata@jig.jp>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 21:12:19 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <20100806.211219.138293474.omata@jig.jp>
To: team-webontv-ws-submit@w3.org
Cc: fukuno@jig.jp, kimura@jig.jp

My name is Hiroshi Omata and I am the Product Manager at jig.jp co.,ltd.
I send statement of interest of W3C Web on TV.

Best Regards,
-- Hiroshi

FUKUNO, Taisuke
  jig.jp co.,ltd., CEO
OMATA, Hiroshi
  jig.jp co.,ltd., platform development department
KIMURA, Hidetaka
  jig.jp co.,ltd., platform development department

= Participant's interest in the workshop
We are interested in understated issues.
-broadcasting and web convergence
-control devices for television
-device API for television

= Viewpoint
jig.jp is the mobile application developer company in Japan.
We believe that we can contribute to the devices embedded into electric home 
appliances with our technologies since we have been experienced developing 
full browser applications for mobile phones.

For example, when we have developed the remote control application for mobile 
phone in order to control TV, there was a necessity to decide the processing 
ways which are not compatible with manufactures because there is no standard 
infrared rays communication protocol.

With this experience, we have been considering the improvement necessity for 
"television control improvement", "control protocol standardization", and 
"rich user interface".

= Suggestions
* Television Control Device
We think that it is wonderful to make other devices available in order to 
control TV not just from TV remote control devices. For example, HID clients 
such as mobile phones and Wiimote are the possible options.

For example, if we can control TV by mobile phones including feature phones 
and smartphones such as iPhones, usability via browser can provide easier and 
richer user interface and can also make it possible to input easier by writing 
with control devices.

* Device API for Television
We think it is better to make API of device controlling features available 
for the devices for TV based on Web technologies.

If we can control TV with available API, we can control TV easily via applications.

Device API for TV
 - Channel Switching API
 - Recode Control API
 - Power and Volume Control API

* Web and Broadcasting Convergence
We believe that it is important to make operation seamless by realizing 
convergence between TV broadcasting and web movie services.
By make video tag of HTML5 available on TV broadcasting, there will be more 
chances for users to watch those contents.
In addition, it is important for content providers to have more available 
market to be seen.

ex) HTML5 video tag extension
     <source src=‘tv:1ch’/>
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