EOWG minutes 10 Sep 2010


  1. TPAC registration - reminder to please register now if you plan on attending (can change through 22 Oct). any hotel questions?
  2. Business Case slides (alternate version works better for some) (currently only ppt, will do HTML after content settles)
  3. Using WCAG 2 slides (currently only ppt, will do HTML after content settles)
  4. Slides CSS version (Ian P is working on adding WAI footer and platter image) - single file of WCAG 2 Benefits, slidey show of WCAG 2 Benefits
  5. Reminder of participant in good standing requirements
  6. Training Resource Suite Survey - status update
  7. Developing Websites for Older People - ready for publication approval, survey coming soon


Shawn, Doyle, Andrew, Ian, Sylvie
Emmanuelle, Song, Helle, Alan, Shadi


Shawn: Let's start first topic.

TPAC registration - reminder to please register now

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/2010/11/TPAC/PlenaryAgenda

Thanks Andrew.

Shawn: For TPAC registration the two step process to register first, the second one is a nominal fee, go ahead do the registration now and that helps us know who is coming.
... Questions on TPAC?

Business Case slides

<shawn> [troubleshooting download problems]

Shawn: Comments?
... One of the main differences is slide three
... How does it play and work?

Andrew: I think it will grab people's attention which was discussed.

Shawn: I tried it this week. Saying those things and it seemed to play well.

Ian: I could have used these slides at a presentation last week. :-)
... lots of good images. All the information I could find on PWD spend are quite old. Something newer?

Shawn: Nice to send query to the WAI Interest Group mailing list.

Ian: The information from 2004 and then the latest from 2007 hadn't changed which was unlikely. This would be good for business folk.

Andrew: A quick comment on 12, the quote about PWD and older users and goes to themes, I didn't like changing from people to things. It sort of jarred as I was skimming down the list.

Shawn: Put a "using" in front of there.

Shawn: Anything else?

Sylvie: I don't remember the slide numbers. Sometimes you talk about the user himself. In other time you talk about low bandwidth. Sometimes user and sometimes situation.

Ian: sometimes in the same slide.

Shawn: Good.

Sylvie: When looking at the pictures text I can only see "wheelchair user with mouth stick". My screen reader says there are pictures the only one I heard was wheelchairs, and I'm not sure the other photos are described.

Shawn: There are other described pictures. I do have image descriptions. Currently there is redundancy. I have image descriptions in the notes also. If the technology doesn't give them alt they can use to notes.

Ian: The notes can be more like presenter notes for that slide show.

Andrew: the notes don't correspond in image one, isn't the first image on the page on the top left.

Shawn: it is the first one in a presentation. Should be the order they display.

Andrew: right. It might pay in the alt text to do 1. something other. Most correspond to the alt text at the very least.

Shawn: yep, Let me note that.
... the kind of come in a different order. Err in favor of understanding than artistically placed. Other things?

Sylvie: On WCAG I only read something about the first principle. Nothing else on the slide. Only one principle.
... WCAG guidelines the next text I didn't understand and then something else.

Shawn: the next content should appear in understandable ways.

Sylvie: I have some bullets. Describe the quotes from the guidelines or principles. What is the goal of the slide.

Shawn: the title is content accessibility guidelines. (Reads the slide)

Sylvie: I can't get all the content.

Andrew: I don't get in the outline also.

Shawn: I do in outline. Let me trouble shoot that one.

Shawn: no, please send me a note on the ones you are not getting Andrew, thanks.
... anything else?

Sylvie: The benefits of alternative text slide 16. I only read Braille display on the slide. is the search engine text in the same slide or another slide? Is there anything else on the slide?

Shawn: there is an image for that. That seems to be not showing up as text. I will re-build those slides.

Andrew: I will send you the ones I can't see in outline form.

Shawn: All right. Anything else for this for now?
... interested to hear what differs from recently. Ian?

Ian: mine was a simple introduction to accessibility. Talking about things which are commonly said about accessibility. It's online. They may not make too much sense.

<shawn> http://www.slideshare.net/ianpouncey

Shawn: Anything else for now?

Using WCAG 2 slides

Shawn: Can you get to those?

Andrew: this is a contrast ration of about to two to one. Gray background on the opening slide. Then when ... it is not viewed that way.

Slides CSS version

Shawn: Sent on 8/27.

Ian: Yes I've got that one. Fine on a MAC.

Doyle: I can see that one.

Ian: We should talk about slightly. Do we want to implement the photo in Javascript. Or over ride with our own script? We have to put a code for the footer in the file. The Javascript affects the other footer. Which is quite messy. If I was building this I wouldn't have content inserted this way. I think we should avoid changing the Javascript. I recommend add our footer. Basically the page will have both footers in.
... the downside we might lose the footer with the slide number in. Which would be useful information.

Shawn: We can't totally get rid of those bits of functionality.

Ian: the inserts work a little bit more.

Andrew: what do you want to put in beside the number and footer?

Shawn: Each slide has a footer.

Ian: If we want both of these things we need to have a two line footer.

Shawn: that is a good idea. The WAI information in there and the Slidy thing. Any other questions?

Ian: no provided everyone is happy with the layout everything is ok.

Shawn: We are swamped with review stuff. From the version you sent I made some tweaks to your version. Thanks so much for that.

Andrew: in the online slide show format it is looking good. In the single file. I find it slightly disconcerting and the heading the dark blue line and then content. The heading looks like the previous set of notes because it is in that box.
... It looks great when I go through with Slidy, but when I go through as a whole the heading seems to be part of the previous slide's notes (due to the heavy rule under the heading).

Shawn: in the old version the slides had a box border around them.

Ian: maybe put a box for view all version. Something like that?

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/presentations/ageing/waiage.html

Shawn: On this page the slides have a border. You can see what the slide is, and the notes are text on the side. You can easily differentiate the slides themselves.

Ian: I think I can do that. For the non-slidy view. I'll look at something like that. Try to have a border around it and stretches with the page.

Andrew: that would be great.

Shawn: I won't change the stuff on line now. Take the business case example online, then make changes to that one, then I won't have to change the details.

Ian: Yes that is what I did last time. If there are changes I will make you aware if I do.

Shawn: thank you. Anything else on these slides. The CSS version?

Reminder of participant in good standing requirements

<Andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/charter5#participation

Shawn: One of the requirements you do need to reply to email and complete surveys and things like that.
... reminder we have several things to finish and publish in September. Any questions or comments?

Training Resource Suite Survey - status update

Shawn: thank you very much Sylvie for your comments. We will have a couple of points for discussion. Some Andrew is doing we won't need to discuss. (Ian: As much as I'd love the presentation CSS, the training resource suite should be first in terms of priorities.)

Andrew: As a first draft look for things that grab you right now. Not so much the detail so you can come back and look at that.

Developing Websites for Older People

Shawn: Andrew has made the changes from last week. That is ready for review and approval. We'll have the survey up next week. We will publish it as complete, but it can be changed at any time. We want EO ok for publication. We want to make sure we are ready for the survey. Please look through it, to make sure it is ready to go.
... Any other questions? Web Accessibility in general? Have a good weekend.

Priorities for Review

Sylvie: a question about comments on the slide. By email to Editors list or EO? Which slides to look at?

Shawn: for the business case slide I will make a few changes as discussed. Do a high level review now that would be great or when the updated draft review then that is fine. Also for USing WCAG two slide I could use a high level review if the over all organization is good? After it is more polished I will send a notice for more detailed review.

Sylvie: What is the status of the slide show with CSS styling. Do you need feedback on for format or content?

Shawn: Format only. Ian has been working on the slide set for format and HTML. Ian has just a few more to do that. He has one, and to work on the content for CSS version. Once that is approved we will use that for all the slides as well.

Sylvie: I was not clear on what to do. Contents?

Shawn: right we are not going to do the content for now. We will look at the layout, for the screen reader, and other things. The content of the Benefits of WCAG 2 is done. Could comment on it if you notice something, but it's not a priority.

Developing Websites for Older People is up for review. Andrew made the changes for that. Ready for detailed review. If you have comments go ahead and send them.
... Questions?
... talk to you next week!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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