07 May 2010

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Doyle, Ian, Shawn, Andrew, Heather, Shadi, Sharron, Jennifer, Sylvie
Alan, Yeliz


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Shawn: We should be announcing our new charter, and we'll be issuing our call for participation. We want to recruit for new people for the group. Particularly skills in copy editing, and editing. Another thing. Given travel restrictions, it would be one EO face to face this year at the Technical Plenary. Not in July in Austria, but in November in France.
... we will do something in Austria on Tuesday of ICCHP. If you want to know more, let me know. We'll announce more next week.
... Questions

Accessible Presentations

Shawn: First item document presentations on making accessible for all. Just a few changes from the previous discussion. Le't go through quickly. First one under basics H2 be open to diversity in your audience, and accessibility needs. (Reads text)

Jennifer: I have 7 or 8 small edits. I'll maybe send to the editors list after the call. In the other points below to put a verb below. Like consider.

Shawn: what about that sentence work. Awkward? Flow right?

Ian: I think it works.

<IanPouncey> yes

Heather: go under basics. Open as a first sentence you are introducing the concept.

Shawn: objections to move to the first sentence.

Jennifer: works for me.

Shawn: OK. Scrolling down the next one is under H2 Planning the event, make sure the area and facility is accessible. Added and edited. (reads text)

Jennifer: maps are not exactly in braille. Raised or tactile maps would be better to say.

Shawn: how important or common is that?

Jennifer: it's too scary and expensive. The only conferences that do that are big ones like CSUN. Little conferences would be scared by this.

Shawn: Another idea about wheelchair accessibility.

Jennifer: brief verbal directions available. Fire exits?

Sharron: goes back to things that matter to everyone. But with disabilities is particularly important. Very clearly stated and distributed.

Shadi: to clarify my previous comment. On the first sentence my comment is wheelchair accessible. It's now more general, the second sentence, only says accessible routes. I think we can take the end and accessible routes as details.

Jennifer: verbally describe the facilty access.

Shawn: such as verbally saying the location of restrooms, and providing the accessible routes between rooms. Too complicated?

Shadi: too complicated. The idea is provide the information. A small conference would have to do enough but not like CSUN.

Shawn: provide accessible information including between rooms.

Shadi: what about speakers and participants?

Shawn: we have in the next sentence.

Shadi: It's obvious speakers can visit in advance. Minor point.

Shawn: take out there and move to first sentence.

Ian: how about changing the heading. Put two speakers and participants make sure accessible to speakers and participants.

Andrew: let people check out the room.

Shawn: I will check we might leave there. Might be kind of vague without. A copy editing thing.

Sylvie: it was discussion I am not in favor of Braille because many people don't read Braille. Have maps in accessible formats. Large map. Maybe add something like somebody can help, handy by via mobile phone, to help find your way through the building.

Shawn: we don't have that specific point.. Mostly focused on the presentation keep this minimal. do we want to add here or hope this is covered by a checklist?

Jennifer: I hope covered by a checklist.

Shawn: I'm thinking of a simple to add. Do we not want to get that specific in the document now?

Sylive: I don't know. It was only an idea something about someone who could help. The presenter, speaker or persons who have difficulties.

Shawn: thanks for the idea. OK. Anything else on this section?
... the next change to three points later. I added definitons of those roles written based on EO. Comments? Ok a new one, two points later, consider accessible issues in planning the schedule. Time for people who walk slowly. Keep to the schedule as much as possible.

doyle: Shawn call back in.

Shawn: And inform participants of any changes. Comments?

Shadi: the requirements are a bit dry.
... How about dropping the word issues.

andrew: consider time instead of schedule?

Shawn: timing or something different, or space between rooms.

Shadi: that might be worth putting. We don't say anything about that.

Shawn: we have consider accessibility when considering the schedule. Swap the for example. Consider the accessible route between meeting rooms and provide sufficient. Just have accessible routes between meeting would be enough to cover.

Shadi: consider the accessbile routes and the timing depending upon how the routes look like.

Ian: I have related comment. We have an example about taking breaks for insulin injections, do breaks belong with this section as well?

Shawn: I thought about that. Thoughts on that?

Shadi: I agree on that as well. That might useful too. My proposal would be to drop lower down.

Ian: if lower down in this section we should not repeat in this page.

Shadi: the very first thing about asking speakers and participants about accessiblity requirements. Does that relate to the other point?

Shawn: could you clarify?
... The points at the beginnig how they would fit here?

Shadi: I am wondering how they are related. We could take out at the first part, and put lower down about accessibility.

Shawn: ok. I put in for editor to look at. Anything else on consider accessibility for the schedule? Breaks would fit in here? Say? How specific timing do you think, are people likely to need breaks at specific times.

Ian: seems like a combination of fixed times would be difficult for some, a regular breaks schedule.

Andrew: having regular breaks is best, and people can work with them.

Shawn: anything else in that section? Gone. Next addition, two words. We had under planning your session, provide material ahead of time I put as requested. As a frequent presenter, if no one asks for material ahead of time. Wondering if it is ok to have as requested there?

Ian: I think ok, I would prefer if requested rather than as requested.

<IanPouncey> EDIT: prefer 'if requested' rather than 'as requested'

Shawn: Next one under preparing slides and accessible material a reminder to point to the link above as requested.

Shadi: does it make sense, if you are providing make it accessible?

shawn: what do you want it to say.

Shadi: this addresses?

Shawn: pointer back to provide accessible material.

Shadi: An easy suggestions for a quick edit. The sentence rather than write provide accessible materials instead if you are going to make slides accessible. Under the sections slides and accessible materials. Unless I am providing why do I need to make accessible?

Shawn: I have put as a change. Anything else? Under H2b open to accessibility issues, respect accessibility needs. Something you have not thought of.
... comments on that?
... Anything else you see on this page. Jennifer has some copy edits to send to the list. Anything else?

Shadi: In the more information section. I feel there are several points, the title does not reflect what is inside. Put some sub headings or something or reconsider. I wonder if some can go in known and unknown audiences further above. Off the top of my head. There are too many useful things in there and get lost in for more information bucket sort of thing.

shawn: the guidance, go under the open door accessibility issues. Or ask speakers if they have accessibility requirements?
... where can we put them somewhere else?
... thoughts on where that might fit. Accessibility issues three quarters down. Or basics, what or where that might fit.

Andrew: under audiences?

Shawn: it says you might know if your audience has disabilities, but you would make accessible.

Andrew: the obvious one to me.

<Andrew> ians/ the obvious/ 'be open' is 'be open' is the obvious/

Shawn: I'll take that as editors discretion and move up. The other one would go with the point we were just talking about providing material and slides in an accessible way. Any objection to that?

<Andrew> s/"ians/ the obvious/ 'be open' is the obvious/"//

Shawn: Under for more information we take out the second and third paragraph this ends up just as more information.

Shadi: that works.

Shawn: what else? Anything?

Andrew: I think it is nice compilation!

Shawn: does everyone approve publishing this for a draft review. Still say draft at the bottom at least. The announcements we welcome your feedback on this document. May or may not have comments.

<Sharron> yes

<sylvie> yes

<Andrew> approve

Doyle: approve. yes

<IanPouncey> approve

Jennifer: yes.

Heather: yes

Shadi: I would love to see the final version.

Shawn: I will send to you.
... I will send the final version to the list. We can change at anytime. If you see something after publishing the public version. We don't have to wait until the comment period, especially if something important.

Training Resource Suite ready for review

Shawn: last week we agreed to putting in place. the new pages have replaced the old pages. We need for EO to detailed review and we will send an email call for review including a survey for your comments and approval. Please plan to do over the next week or two.

Sharron: two weeks sounds good.

Shawn: a couple of point the editors did a little differently.

Shadi: only two siginicant changes. And a number of copy edits. The first one topics was just there, my thought would keep as presentations topics for now, and people write their suggestions to look.

<shawn> 1. Presentation Topics ? Topics ? Accessibility Topics

Shawn: another idea was accessibility topics.

<shawn> 2. Workshop Outline, under "overview" the Target Audience

Shadi: Suggestions on how to re-word that. Accessibility Topic is another suggestion. Under the workshop outline, under overivew we had target audience we had some suggestions. The target audience is described in three bullets. The main audience we really want to reach, and we put there other people involved for organizing the web site, and that was a stab trying to organize the audience. More geared to application and programmers. Look at that sect
... helpful.

Shawn: any questions on reviewing these four pages? Over view pages and three sub pages? OK we will send an email out. Today. We will be calling for review soon. The four pages are fairly signficant. We think enough time is important. Questions on that?
... Ok that is the end of agenda. Web accessibility outreach to share?
... I am looking forward to the second day to observe. Neat to see other people teach.

Jennifer: it seems we could make California work with all these silicon people.

Doyle: looktel with using video on cellphones that provides information about the location including identifying objects and placing rfid tags.

Shawn: thank you conference call is over. I'm coming to Austin Sharron!

<sylvie> bye

Summary of Action Items

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