WAI-AGE task force

05 May 2010



Andrew, Kate, Darren, Suzette, Michael
Shadi, Helle, Jack, Alan



andrew: organises introductions and welcome to kate from age-uk

Web Accessibility Training

andrew: advises group about replacing old training suite with new draft and invites review

Developing Accessible Websites for Older People

Requirements Analysis and Changelog for "Developing Accessible Websites for Older People"

<andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/changelogs/cl-sites-older-users.html

andrew: introduces purpose and scope
... scope, greater need for best practice
... not a step by step guide to accessible web design
... need to encourage use of the 'advisory' techniques
... who is the primary/secondary audience?

michael: information architects?
... and those planning website structure and what elements to include
... what features, how many, and interface to accessibility

suzette: authors and editors
... and groups preparing information to be published

michael: content provider

Kate: authors and editors, editorial team

Andrew: to add authors and editors

michael: advisory techniques is important
... a lot of a11y work is focussed on AT and supporting AT
... only a few older people use AT, so we need to move the focus a bit
... techniques related to usability are the most important for this group

suzette: agree with michael
... accessibility/usability is blurred for older people
... issues arising are less to do with underlying structure and more to do with the way info is presented
... need to target content authors in particular
... developers complain they set things up to be accessible, but its been lost some months down the track

andrew: relates to some issues of how CMS is set up
... maybe could address author of publishing guides

darren: supports problem of later losses of accessibility at the hands of later authors

Kate: agrees that as much as possible should be mandated by the CMS
... focus on usability as being more positive than accessibility

andrew: explains on-going work on relationship of A11y and usability
... anything to add on Scope?

suzette: add something about design and evaluation and participating by older people
... and cross reference other WAI work/documents

Andrew: will make amendments and email today's group

Other documents in development

Better Web Browsing: Tips for Customizing Your Computer

andrew: looking for any final comments

How People with Disabilities Use the Web

andrew: Scenarios of Web Users page: need for last look and comment - especially the two older people scenarios

andrew:re EOWG at ICCHP (July) and/or Lyon, RF (November), WAI should be deciding v.soon

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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