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W3C Track @ WWW2010

29-30 April 2010
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

At this year's 19th International World Wide Web Conference - WWW2010 , W3C organizes two "camps": the "Linked Open Data Camp" and the "HTML 5 Camp", within the W3C track. Calendar at a glance:

28 April 17:30-18:00 Press Conference
29 April 10:30-17:00 Linked Open Data Camp
30 April 10:30-17:00 HTML 5 Camp

All events will take place at the Raleigh Convention Center (in room #306C)

See also the WWW2010 Programme and the previous W3C Track'09 in Madrid.

Thursday, 29 April Linked Open Data (LOD) Camp

image of a LOD sticker

Tim Berners-Lee speaking

Tim Berners-Lee illustrates how linked data can change the world during TED University 2010 (see the video).

LOD Opening:
  • - The year open data went worldwide, by Tim Berners-Lee
  • - Linked data: What about privacy?, by Thomas Roessler
  • - Lightning Talks [see details in the wiki]
  • - Selection of Topics of Discussion for the afternoon sessions
13:30-15:00 LOD Session 1 (Lightning Talks + Breakout Sessions)
  • - The Open Graph Protocol, by David Recordon (FaceBook)
  • - Ligthning Talks [see details in the wiki]
  • - Linked Data API, by Jeni Tennison, The Stationery Office
15:30-17:00 LOD Session 2

Breakout Sessions [see the reports on the wiki]

Friday, 30 April HTML 5 Camp

Philippe Le Hégaret speaking

Philippe gave a take in early 2010 at Yahoo! about the new Web platform, centered around HTML 5 but including other technologies (watch the video).


HTML 5 Opening:
13:30-15:00 HTML 5 Session 1

- Morning session debriefing

- SVG/HTML5 video live coding session, by Philippe Le Hégaret

15:30-17:00 HTML 5 Session 2

Lightning Talks + Breakout Sessions:

W3C Track Session Format

The W3C camp room will be located in the conference center (room #306C).


Please register through the WWW2010 online registration system. Students may want to benefit from a low-cost "1-day Pass" in case they wish to only attend one of the two W3C camps.

Latest News

Wednesday, 28 AprilPress Conference

17:30-18:00: A press conference with W3C representatives will be held in room #304.

To attend, please contact us at w3t-pr@w3.org or contact Marie-Claire Forgue (mcf@w3.org - +

[W3C Media Advisory (20 April): W3C to Lead Discussions on HTML5, Linked Open Data at WWW2010]

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Marie-Claire Forgue - W3C Track Chair
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