Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference

28 Apr 2010


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Silvia, Michael, Erik
Raphael, Davy, Conrad


<trackbot> Date: 28 April 2010

<scribe> scribe: Erik

<scribe> ScribeNick: Erik

<mhausenblas> hu?

<mhausenblas> wondering why we don't show up at http://www.w3.org/Guide/1998/08/teleconference-calendar#D20100428

<mhausenblas> Yves? any idea?

<mhausenblas> that's why I point it out

<mhausenblas> I'm not nitpicking you see - just want to get this working ;)

Michael, what's the link to see the phonebridge bookings (now and next week, etc)?

<mhausenblas> http://www.w3.org/Guide/1998/08/teleconference-calendar

<mhausenblas> till last week it looks ok

<mhausenblas> yw

so indeed we're not booked for this week, what shaal we do?

we really have to get the momentum again

<mhausenblas> we can't do anything ATM, really (without W3C backup ;)

<mhausenblas> let's call it a day, write a mail to Yves etc.

<mhausenblas> makes no sense to waste time now ...

seems it's only Silvia that is still doing stuff on the spec side :~)

<mhausenblas> yes. I guess this week is bad anyway due to WWW

<silvia> you could just work on irc and review/discuss the test cases

<mhausenblas> not many people around/have time

<silvia> did you see my email?

indeed, but Yves has blocking actions to get the spec to LC (A-123, A-160)

I did ... but I did not see 'discussion' in the wiki page?

<silvia> yeah, I might need to just do some of Yves' actions ;)

<silvia> do a search for DISCUSSION on the wiki page

<silvia> you might need to reload - I only edited today

ah OK

I'm not conforteable of re-assigning someone's actions before hearing from him

<silvia> no, don't reassign - it's ok, I was just joking

OK, this does indeed not work ...

<silvia> what doesn't?

I will write some mails instead ... begging Yves to have a look at his actions :)

this phoneconf without a phone :)

<mhausenblas> sounds good to me

and it's only you, Michael and I ... where I was also desperately hoping for Yves to be around

is that OK with you too, Silvia?

<silvia> sure

<silvia> I've just cooked dinner while waiting :)

<silvia> ready to eat now, so happy about it!

thanks for the work Silvia!

<mhausenblas> yes, indeed, a big applause for silvia!!! KUTGW!

Michael, you will be able to do your testcases server upgrade? next week is May & I can take over

<mhausenblas> yup, will look into it


OK, good ... talk to you all next week then!

Meeting postponed due to not working phone bridge ... I will start handling the issues via mail!

<silvia> I think Davy is to be congratulated on moving NinSuna forward

<silvia> I can't wait to write a client for it in HTML5

<silvia> but thanks for your support :)

<silvia> very much appreciated :)

<mhausenblas> indeed, Davy++

<mhausenblas> ok, so then, let's call it a day

bye for now


RESOLUTION: postpone phone conf as bridge was apparently not booked for today :(

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