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Update Issues

This is a page for documenting the issues surrounding update. In particular, it is a place to capture the impact/interaction of new query language features on the update language.

General Issues

A list of issues that aren't tied to a particular feature:

  • Difference between an empty graph and a non-existent graph? (ISSUE-20)
  • How far do we go with transactions/atomicity? (ISSUE-26)
  • Concurrency issues? (ISSUE-18)
  • Security issues? (ISSUE-19)
  • More complex operations, e.g. CHANGE objects? (ISSUE-21) - Note: I (Lee) have no idea what this issue means.
  • Can SPARQL/Update be done over a SOAP/WSDL protocol implementation? (ISSUE-22)

Update language capabilities/design

  • Can a SELECT and an INSERT be done in the same query? If so, it seems we throw away the security benefit of having a separate query and update language.
  • Is MODIFY syntax required?
  • Is DELETE too verbose?
  • Can the graph to insert data into be dynamically set based on a variable's bindings? (ISSUE-25)

New Required Features

Issues arranged per feature.


  • Can subqueries (ASK, SELECT etc.) be nested inside update queries? (ISSUE-27)
  • Can INSERTS, DELETES, and other 'subupdates' be nested inside SELECT queries?
  • Can INSERTS, DELETES, and other 'subupdates' be nested inside update language queries?
  • Can data be SELECTed from one graph and INSERTed into another (moved)? (ISSUE-24)

Aggregate functions

No issues yet.

Service Description

No issues yet.


No issues yet.

New Time-Permitting Features

Issues arranged per feature.

BGP extensions of different entailment regimes

Covered in general by ISSUE-28. There are issues around what it means to delete triples under an entailment regime - triples can be deleted but are still present.

Basic federated query

Basic federated update could allow you to move triples between stores. (ISSUE-37)

Property Paths

Using property paths in Update seems to lead to quite a lot of complexity quite quickly. See the example here: EditingFoafData (ISSUE-38)

Query Language Syntax

No issues yet.