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Feature: XYZ

Short summary (one or two sentences max), explaining the capability that this feature provides.

Feature description

Longer description, possibly practical motivations, references welcome.


e.g. sample Query highlighting necessary syntax extensions, expected output, or modified/extended result format, endpoint self description mock-up syntax, etc.

Existing Implementation(s)

List existing applications, if applicable (e.g. aggregates, we do not want a use case page for every implementation of aggregates, but all implementations listed per use case. Different syntax proposals can be listed as separate subsections in the Examples section)

Existing Specification / Documentation

List any existing text that attempts a formal definition of this extension. This could be a draft specification, API or syntax documentation, etc.


Extensions should be upwards compatible with the previous SPARQL spec. Although the charter does not formally bind us to this requirement, it rule should only be violated in exceptional cases. In case your extension possibly raises any compatibility issues, these should be detailed here.

Links to postponed Issues

Has this extension/use case some history in the group already? I.e. are there posponed issues or archived mail-threads related to this originating from DAWG?

Related Features

List and possibly link to other use cases or extensions that relate to that use case. That will help us grouping them together in the end.


Who would be willing to push/draft the specification/advocate for this feature (name of organization and WG members)?

Use cases

A description of one or more use cases, the solution of which requires this feature. Multiple use cases can be added to each feature.