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SPARQL/Entailment Task Force


Forming ...

Telecon Availability

Birte: any day, any time apart from Wednesday 11-12am, all days 1-2pm UK time.

Andy: Monday, Wednesday or Friday any time up to early evening UK time.

Ivan: Mondays before 4pm Amsterdam time, Tuesdays after the SPARQL call; Wednesday afternoon Amsterdam, before 5pm;

Chimezie: Friday mornings, or Tuesdays right after SPARQL call EST

Axel: any afternoon (after 14:00GMT), apart from Tuesdays and Fridays

Possible Telecon Slots

It seems we hav 3 possible slots:

  • Monday 2-3pm UK time (3-4pm for Axel&Ivan, Chimezie cannot make it)
  • Wednesday 2-4pm UK time (3-5pm for Axel&Ivan, Chimezie cannot make it)
  • Friday 2-4pm UK time (3-5pm for Axel, 9-11 for Chimezie right?, Ivan cannot make it)


This is the list of people who have expressed an interest. Please add yourself if interested in attending telecons or contributing text. Discussions via email will be on the SPARQL-WG mailing list for everyone to contribute to.