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The third SPARQL face-to-face meeting will be held in Cambridge, MA and in Oxford, UK on March 25 and March 26, 2010. It will be a two day meeting.

(Minutes Day 1 Day 2)

We will seek to have a video conference to join the two sites. There will be a phone line for remote participants, but everyone is strongly encouraged to attend in person at either the US or UK location.

Please indicate whether you plan to come.

Will attend: Cambridge, MA, US

Will attend: UK, Oxford

Video link to MIT, Cambridge.


The Oxford video conferencing site is in the Oxford e-Research Centre:
7 Keble Road
A map is available here and a street view is here. The train station is about 15min walking distance.

The closest airport to Oxford is London Heathrow. Oxford Bus Company provides frequent bus transfers to Oxford City Centre, which takes around 90min. The video conferencing site is about 10min walk from the central bus terminal.

London Gatwick and London Luton are both about 2 to 2 1/2 hours by bus from Oxford. For Luton, National Express offers transfers to Oxford. For Gatwick, Oxford Bus Company provides regular bus transfers.


  • Linton Lodge offers rooms from £72 and is about 10min walking distance from the video conferencing site.
  • Cotsworld Lodge offers rooms from £108 and is about 10min walking distance from the video conferencing site.

For cheaper B&Bs, please contact Birte Glimm, email myFirstname.myLastname ad comlab.ox.ac.uk.


F2F3 agenda page

Preference poll: Oxford,UK/Galway,Ireland

  • Steve Harris yes if Oxford, maybe if Galway.
  • Andy Seaborne (preference for Oxford)
  • Birte Glimm both Oxford and Galway would be ok, slight preference for Oxford ;-)
  • Axel Polleres slight preference for Galway, in the spirit of balance between the British Isles
  • LukeWM Only if UK


  • David Charboneau

Will attend: telephone only

Will not attend