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The second SPARQL face-to-face meeting will be held in conjunction with the W3C Technical Plenary in Santa Clara, CA, USA, on Monday and Tuesday the 2nd and 3rd of November.

We expect to have dial-in ability for remote participants. We will attempt to do remote video participation if possible, but note that because the face-to-face will be on the U.S. West Coast, that time zones make it difficult for attendees from Europe or Asia.

Please indicate whether you plan to come and additional comments:

Will attend: Santa Clara, CA

Remote Participation

  • Birte Glimm (I won't be at ISWC, so flying to the west coast from the UK for just 2 days with high costs and the jet-lag is putting me off)
  • AlexandrePassant (if meeting point in Europe)
  • PaulGearon
  • Andy Seaborne (but UK timezone)
  • Simon Johnston
  • LukeWM
  • ChimeOgbuji (won't be at ISWC may attend remotely)

Will attend: telephone only

Will not attend

  • Ivan Herman (It is actually unclear; I may have some other meeting at the beginning of that week; if not, I may participate remotely. Definitely not in person.)
  • Simon Schenk